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Why does everyone love a view?

It’s one of the first things that you check out when you stay at a nice hotel (and why the penthouse is always on the top floor). Developers will often price apartments incrementally higher per floor – ‘the higher you are, the better the view’ is also universally true.

Taking in the views when you’re travelling is one thing, but the promise of your own personal view enjoyed from the privacy of your home is a joy to behold forever. After all, a great or exciting perspective is so unique that people will remember and appreciate it every time they visit. In many ways, it is the gift that keeps on giving.

In real estate, a view is something to be truly treasured, and comes with a real and marketable value. Real estate agents will always find space to include ‘incredible views’ or ‘ocean views’ on that billboard! Sometimes, it may even be the view itself that adds the most value to a property.


We all appreciate a unique perspective


All of us can fall in love with the right view. Ocean, forest, valley, river, or mountain views. In many ways, a truly majestic view can’t really be created. It can be sought after, and can be envisioned (“imagine the vista if you built a house there”). And if you share a view with others, it is still unique. An entire suburb may view the same ocean, but every single home, every room even, could have a different angle of the same view.


Forget Netflix, your view is where the real show is


A view may appear to be relatively constant, but is also changing all the time, in real-time. If you enjoy waterfront views in The Sovereign Islands your view still changes daily. It changes according to weather, according to the yachts that sail by, or whether a pod of dolphins decides to play off your jetty that day. 


For lazy mornings or entertaining, when you invest in a premier property with a standout view, you’ll always have somewhere to feast your eyes.


A view can reflect your lifestyle


For many of us, a feature view epitomises a long-held goal, belief or determination. For example, many people have worked hard and long dreamt of living on the seafront, or in an exclusive golf course community. Being able to walk out onto a balcony or even the ground floor and see the ocean, feel the sand under your feet or take in the majestic panoramic green of a world-class golf course can be life-affirming. A home with a view can become a mainstay location for coming together, for capturing moments with friends and loved ones, and for experiencing celebrations today with a memorable backdrop.



At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige property – homes with that X factor that grab your attention. In real estate, east-facing waterfront views add huge value to the base property value. A great view alone can be what elevates a beautiful home to a prestigious property on our list.


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