What makes a bathroom prestige?

It’s no secret that a bathroom renovation can seriously impact the value of a home and the final sale price, so when it comes to a prestige property, you can expect some seriously impressive bathrooms that go above and beyond your expectations.

While a bathroom isn’t the first room you see when you walk into a home, it’s certainly a place that you’ll want to get right. Whether it’s a dedicated and customised bathroom for each member of your family, a spa-like feel or high-tech gadgets, let’s take a look at some seriously prestigious bathroom fit-outs that are making a splash.


A standalone pearl bath and rustic decor

Balinese inspired

Perfect if you’re looking to combine an indoor-outdoor vibe, bringing in Balinese elements is sure to make a bathroom feel extra prestige. Tranquil greenery combined with wooden accents, low-lying lounges and plunge pool-style baths (plus an outdoor shower, of course) all make for a luxurious, resort-style feel that’s many miles away from Australia (even if you find it on the Northern Gold Coast!).

Gold, marble and all the trimmings

marble bathroom
Marble with gold trim

When you think classical luxury and prestige, you can’t go past gold-trimmed and marble-filled. These high-ticket finishings are often reserved for those more grand spaces where you welcome guests. If you’re looking to add a stand-out touch of glamour, you’ll find many prestige bathrooms just glistening with marble and gilt-edged additions – durable and oh-so-timeless, it’s the perfect material for the elusive prestige bathroom.

Power shower 2.0

When it comes to getting clean the prestige way, your regular single showerhead just ain’t gonna cut it. Look out for multiple shower head showers that offer a different sensation and experience at the touch of a button – think rain shower, more heavy-duty massage streams to get into those aches and pains, dedicated shower ‘themes’ that customise to your preferences and even different lighting that changes depending on your shower mood.

A (bath)room with a view

A bathroom with a view

Why should it just be the balconies and master bedrooms that score the killer view? Many prestige properties are offering you an alternative to a bathroom media system with panoramic views that overlook the waterfront, the city or anywhere where you’ve got your own bit of a paradise.

Think about unwinding in a bubble bath at the end of the day to watch the sunset – great when there is no room for an outdoor sauna (just don’t forget the mirrored windows if you’re in a well-populated area!).


A bathroom with view

Go bespoke

It’s a common request to have a “his and her” bathroom set up – who doesn’t like to have things just as they like it? From customised water temperature to a mirrored makeup corner, or a streamlined infra–red light panel to boost those mitochondria while you rinse, bathrooms can be designed to include everything you wish to your heart’s desire.


bathroom outdoor indoor
A bathroom indoor outdoor access

Super minimalist

Sleek, streamlined and monochrome bathrooms are increasingly becoming the mark of the new prestige – high-tech shower and sink systems accompany a modern bathtub with sculptures in the corner and tucked-away storage. A minimalist colour palette (think stone grey, charcoal and natural textures) ensures that your prestige bathroom will always be a sanctuary where you can retreat to.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige property, so get in touch with us now if you’re keen to sell or find your prestige property (with that 5-star prestige bathroom too).


modern bathroom
A modern minimalist bathroom


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