What is Prestige Property?

Prestige is something that attracts widespread admiration and respect for its quality.  When considering property and real estate, especially with today’s property values, there is a big difference between “luxurious”, “expensive”, and “prestigious”. Being ‘expensive’ is a relative term, and depends on who the buyer of a given property is, and the state of the market. Similarly, you can have a house that is completely luxurious, but no thought has been given to the importance of location or architectural and interior design. 

Mercer & Cooper exclusively showcases prestige properties in the Northern Gold Coast.

 “We classify prestige property by location, size and quality of construction, as well as fittings and inclusions,” says co-founder Bernice Cooper. 

So, let’s take a look at the factors often seen in truly prestigious properties.


Materials, Fixtures and Fittings


Many prestigious buildings are built from materials that are either no longer available, very hard to find or completely unique.

For example, some stately homes have extensive hardwoods that were used at a time when this timber was widely available and a primary building resource. Today (especially with the building industry suffering from supply chain issues), many of these materials often can’t be sourced quickly, if at all. The result? Properties that are built with these scarce materials now retain a particular esteem and unique value to them.

Design and Architecture

Fine amenities are a given, but considered design speaks to creativity and livability. Architecturally designed properties are also increasingly prestigious to discerning buyers.

Some of the most sought after homes in the Northern Gold Coast offer absolute waterfront living and stunning features and split levels that merge indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly, with plenty of free-flowing areas and modern designs. Combined with artistically designed horizon-edged lap pools and private jetty access, it’s no wonder the region is home to some of the most exquisite properties in Australia.

A split level home that brings the 'waterfront theme' indoors

Location, Location, Location!


Who hasn’t heard this mantra in the world of real estate. But, for a truly prestigious home, this is more than simply finding a desirable spot on the map – it’s about understanding and appreciating the many tangible (and intangible) considerations that make an area exceptional.

Sanctuary Cove is a perfect example of where many of these factors are abundant. Sanctuary Cove is one of Northern Gold Coast’s most exclusive developments. There is a true “Golf buggy lifestyle” here where residents can enjoy access to three championship-level golf courses and the exclusive Sanctuary Cove Country Club and Links Hope Island Resort. Even if you don’t want to get out on the green yourself, the vast, manicured surroundings and lakes are loved by all residents, including large troops of kangaroos and flocks of native birds! Furthermore, there is a thriving and engaged community that often comes together to experience the many events and fine restaurants available at Sanctuary Cove’s “Marine Village”, complete with spaces to park your golf cart. 


The "Highstreet" @ Sanctuary Cove Marine Village

Peace of Mind


Add to this a gated community with 24-hour security and planned neighbourhoods with waterfront access, it is no wonder that Sanctuary Cove is one of the most sought-after residential locations on the Gold Coast. It is these factors described that make the location prestigious, in and of itself. 

In short, a prestige home is a place that for one reason or many, has something truly special about it. Luxury is not enough. It really has to have that ‘X Factor’, and you know when you see it! 

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