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The Tech-Lover’s prestige home

These days, a “smart home” is so much more than just some sensor lights and electronic blinds. Tech-fluential designers are finding new ways to enhance homes for more convenience, more wow-factor and of course, more prestige.

Around the world, tech-savvy prestige homes are combining high-tech solutions with exclusivity and luxury, so let’s take a peek at some of the most innovative ways that home technology solutions are being utilised.


Integrated smart tv

Prestige…at the touch of a button

Touchpad-controlled homes (with one in every room!) make for the ultimate method to customise your at-home experience. With a tablet system household-wide, you can adjust everything just the way you like it. From music, to mood lighting, to temperature – don’t forget the blinds, backed up by electronic photochromic glass that changes throughout the day with the temperature and sunlight available.

Hunker down with a high-tech bunker

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smart home
Smart home

While it might not be at the top of your real estate shopping list, you can now find prestige homes with a high-tech bunker included. If you need a little more than average reassurance for the safety of you and your family (or you’re looking for a way to surprise guests), then you might be in the market for the ultimate investment in security. Forget cramped space and canned food. Today’s luxury bunkers are equipped with multiple apartments, secure air-intake systems, a medical aid room, broadband and a commercial kitchen (oh, and did we mention the theatre for the family movie night?). The end of times never looked so luxurious!

Take a walk through Bill Gates’ gates

Notoriously high-tech, Bill Gates’ home in Lake Washington is naturally a tech-lover’s dream. Temperature-controlled floors, paths and driveways keep you cosy in the cooler months and refreshed on long summer days. Every wall is covered in a touchscreen panel, and enabled for completely customised experiences for every guest (even down to what music you like to listen to). Even when you’re taking a dip, the underwater music system keeps the good times rolling.

Fort Knox who?

prestige gates


Security and technology go hand in hand, with many prestige properties taking advantage of these tech advancements to make their home safe and sound. Multi-million dollar surveillance and security systems are just the start (especially handy if you’ve got a sprawling estate to keep an eye on). Night-vision cameras (all accessible from your tablet or iPhone) can let you tap into your home system no matter where you are in the world. Brand new technology utilises thermal imaging so you can even track a prowler from the warmth of their handprint up to 20 minutes later (if you’re feeling a little James Bond, or you can leave it up to your 24/7 security team to handle).

While we’ve highlighted some of the standout over-the-top techy prestige homes, the best part about high-tech additions to any prestige home is the level of comfort and convenience they can afford you. The smart home of 2022 and beyond will facilitate a smooth start to your morning, the ability to give your guests the perfect sleep in just the right darkness and temperature they prefer, and the power to know your property is always secured.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and we welcome you to visit us today to learn how we can support your prestige home journey.


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