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The Scoop on the Northern Gold Coast

As prestige property experts, we often refer to our hyper local zone where most of our clients are based as the ‘Northern Gold Coast’, but what does this mean in terms of the suburbs we cover?

Most specifically, our inner North Gold locale covers our key property suburbs of Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove, Ephraim Island, Runaway Bay and the Sovereign Islands but more broadly across all those suburbs north of Southport.

So, why this area? It starts with our founders both being Northern Gold Coast long-term residents and lovers of the lifestyle, the community and that essence of resort-style living across this area – in short, it’s got the best of the Gold Coast while not straying into the most well-known interstate tourist zones.


The Lifestyle

The North Gold Coast
The Gold Coast is famous for its lifestyle

When it comes to the Northern Gold Coast, everything you need is often within walking (or buggy-ride) distance, and residents can choose the right community for them within many of the large ‘island’ hubs.

You’ll find shopping, dining, entertainment, sports (read: golf lovers apply here!) and more, all within easy reach, and plenty of parking space – this isn’t the inner-city hustle and bustle. It’s more about a leisurely stroll past a marina to your morning coffee or after-work drinks.

There are also plenty of waterfront views to indulge in, and lush greenery that gives a tropical feel no matter where you are – forget concrete jungles, the Northern Gold Coast brings manicured landscapes and serene Australian wildlife together.

Now, if you need to get into Brisbane for work or other commitments, you’re often only about 50-60km from the CBD, and just 45 minutes from the Gold Coast airport if you’re located on Hope Island for example – so while you feel away from it all and can easily slip into holiday mode, you’re also conveniently placed for those important commutes.

Oh, and did we mention this is the place to be if you love to be out on the water? It’s the perfect location for those wishing to have their own boat and water sports vehicles, with the ability to purchase a property with your own jetty, or plenty of marinas in reach to store larger boats with ease.

The people

Those choosing to set down their roots (or invest in a holiday property or a second home) in the Northern Gold Coast locations truly appreciate the wide range of gated communities and the prestige element – while median house price averages vary, this is truly the heart of prestige property, and the people that love them.

Making a network within Sanctuary Cove is seamless. There are plenty of activities, classes, and networking opportunities. Residents here will undoubtedly have plenty of friends and family looking to drop by and enjoy the area (you’ll never be short of guests!).
Importantly, the Northern Gold Coast, specifically in these prestige property gated communities, offers a level of security and reassurance unlike other suburbs.

There’s so much to explore in the Northern Gold Coast, and it’s where the Mercer & Cooper team live, work and play, so if you’re interested in finding your prestige property in our hyperlocal zone, or if you require a real estate agent that can truly speak the local language, we’d love to meet you.



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