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The scent of prestige

Scents can truly transport us to a specific time and place – it might be a fabulous tropical holiday or a nostalgic smell of home cooking, and they offer us the opportunity to create a signature for our experiences at the place we all spend the most time, our home.

Major brands and businesses recognise the power of scent in creating a multi-sensory and memorable experience – from Subway putting their freshly-baked bread and cookies front and centre in every store, or 5-star hotel ensuring that you’ll remember your stay for years to come.

For the at-home environment, let’s take a look at some of the best and most creative ways you can scent your home to reflect luxury, elegance and that extra-something-special.

Flame-Powered fragrance

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Scented candles bring together both atmosphere, light and Fragrance, and they go far beyond what you might find at Kmart or your local market stall. The candles of the prestige realm are curated for the ultimate at-home scents that envelop you when you walk into a room, and importantly, they are on par with your favourite designer fragrances for personal use.

In fact, elite fragrance houses such as French designer duo Maison Francis Kurkdjian have created complementary candles for their signature fragrance range (including the viral scent Baccarat Rouge 540), so you’ll never be without a whiff of your much-loved perfume.

Luxury fragrance house Diptyque is known for their collectable gold and silver ‘candle carousels’, which sit atop your candle and rotate with the gentle glowing heat.

Of course, size matters when it comes to prestige, so trendy fragrance brand Le Labo makes supersized candles in their sellout scents such as Santal 26, housed in contemporary concrete vessels which will cost you just shy of $800 a pop – part sculpture, part scent.


5-Star fragrance


What makes a 5-star hotel fragrance so much more potent and intoxicating than your average room spray? Well, professional home fragrance brand Aroma360 is giving consumers the chance to scent their home after their favourite hotel with their “hotel range” – from the Ritz Carlton to the Shangri La, you can pick up hotel-inspired scents to drop into their diffuser range and gently scent the air of every space.

Adding even more kudos to the brand, they also have a professionals-only range which truly is amping up the scents of hotels around the world, with prestige hotel brand W calling themselves a converted customer. Perfect if you’re looking to elevate your home experience and ideal for those who entertain regularly, you’ll never want to leave your prestige home with surrounding scents like these!


Scented flowers in marble bathroom



For the lovers of fresh scents who want to stay in the organic and natural realms, prestige homes filled with flowers create a lush, green scent unlike any other. In addition, options like essential oil burners and simmer-pots filled with citrus and cinnamon offer a chance to add a light fragrance that won’t overpower, especially good for those with sensitive noses.

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