The Prestigious Garden

There are so many factors that make a property prestigious: location, outstanding design and unique features to name a few.  You could say that the same applies to your outdoor space and garden. A garden can be the jewel in the crown of a prestige home. Like art, your green space says a lot about you and your style and is one of the unique features of a home that is nigh impossible to truly copy! 

The pandemic only highlighted the importance and magic of having your own green sanctuary to hand, gardens have and always will add significant value to your property. In some cases, a stunning garden can be one of the main selling points for your home and can generate a lot of interest amongst buyers. 


Design meets function


Everyone has different wants from their garden. Despite the obvious joys of having an aesthetically beautiful garden, depending on where you live and your lifestyle, it’s function can be just as important. 

Careful design – from landscaping to the species of plants chosen – can be utilised to increase privacy and reduce noise in more densely populated areas or built-up environments. As such, inner-city yards tend to be about vertical greenery that provides visual screens and sound buffers to keep the hustle and bustle at bay.

For waterfront properties, a well-positioned line of trees can provide shelter from the winds or privacy from passing boats.


Outdoor living


More and more people want to enjoy and utilise their outdoor space. Gardens are both living and entertainment areas. To many, especially in current circumstances, the garden can be considered an extension of the living room and kitchen! Outdoor dining, patios and covered spaces – like a pagoda – are all just cherries on top of a well thought out and designed garden space.



Functional outdoor living space is a must

Landscape architects


Many a fine home has been architecturally designed from the outset and finished with refined interior design. Combined, these factors add to the prestige factor of your home, and the same logic should apply to your outdoor living space. Landscape architects can really make the best of the existing space that you have. They consider everything from the space available, the property and outbuildings, to your lifestyle. 

Whilst it can be tempting to just design your own, a professionally designed garden can pay dividends by adding to the property value and your enjoyment of the space.


How much space do you need?


It would be easy to think bigger is better, but it really does depend on your lifestyle and circumstances. While some delight in hosting outdoor soirees or appreciate space for the kids to enjoy – others see a larger area requiring additional maintenance and expense, especially if the owners are not resident all year round.  


The garden 'X Factor'


When considering a prestige home, vendors and buyers alike are often on the look out for that USP, that wow factor that often can only be discovered, not created. Some plants simply can’t be bought. Stunning gardens are often the result of decades of tender love and planning. Some contain trees that are over a hundred years old. A driveway lined on either side with majestic bougainvillaea may have taken decades to grow and prune into that archway of floral bliss. So like art, some gardens can never be reproduced, regardless of budget.

If you are considering buying a home, then incorporating an outdoor living space should be on your ‘must-haves’. If you are selling your prestige home, do not overlook the value that presenting your garden in its best light can add to the final sale price. 


Manicured hedgerows in Sovereign Islands


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