The ultimate prestige wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is a good sign that you’re standing in a prestige property, but it can’t just be any walk-in. Today, storing, or should we say – displaying – your clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and beyond has far surpassed just some shelving and drawers tucked away in an en-suite-sized room. The walk-in wardrobes of the moment bring glamour, height (we’re talking 2 stories or more), high-tech lighting – and they aren’t just seen as coveted spaces for exclusively women either. Let’s take a look at some of the most high-end and prestigious features in the world of walk-in wardrobes.



Wardrobe walk in
A stately walk-in

Stepping into one of these walk-ins, you’ll find yourself looking at designs and layouts not dissimilar to a luxury boutique (think Chanel or Balenciaga). A ‘store-inspired’ walk-in wardrobe follows the ‘less is more’ principle regarding display. Everything is carefully designed to create the look and feel of browsing in your own shop (with a waiting list, of course).

Think streamlined shelving, discreet lighting and glass-topped cabinets to show off your watch collection – this style of walk-in is a favourite of male celebrities, and most likely comes with a killer city or water view, some space to lounge and importantly, a less-is-more approach to luxury. The best part of shopping in your very own boutique? The bill has already been dealt with.


Wardrobes and walk in

The ultimate 'girls night' space

Across Australia and the world, prestige homes are decking out their walk-in wardrobes with everything to entertain, amaze and impress the host and her girlfriends. Looking to the US for inspiration, Theresa Roemer (socialite by trade) created a 3,000 square foot mega-walk-in with a price tag of almost 700k to complete, so, what does this kind of money get you?

Aiming to top the charts as the biggest closet in America, Roemer’s Houston closet covers three floors, with a floating staircase to access between them, and a champagne bar for when she’s entertaining.

This kind of walk-in is ultra feminine, with chandeliers in every corner, show-stopping jewellery and ball gowns on display and shelves upon shelves of shoes in all shapes and sizes.

Custom All The Way

Suppose you’re looking for a way to make your mark on your new prestige home, but don’t quite know where to start? Consider building your walk-in around a particular source of inspiration. For some sneakerheads, their Air Jordan collection was enough to design a whole wardrobe to display them, with shelving, lighting, and even room temperature measured to ensure the shoes are shown off and preserved at their very best.

If you’re Celine Dion, of course, your custom closet will need space to hold a series of mega-gowns, with customised wardrobes with added height so that no square inch of material ever needs to be crushed.

So take what you love most and use it as the centrepiece for your walk-in – perhaps it’s a pet-friendly walk-in for your dogs, or a rotating floor space so you can see yourself in your look from absolutely every angle.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and we look forward to meeting you to discuss how we can support your prestige home journey.


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