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The Prestige Pantry

Food storage is not just about stocking up, it can be about showing off with a prestige pantry. If you’re immersed within the pop culture world, you might already have caught a glimpse of Kris Jenner’s dedicated ‘green produce’ fridge, all-glass of course so you can easily browse what’s on off, with separate green grape drawers and kale perched up on display like her very own grocery store at home. 

Outside of the world of insane celebrity food storage, the prestige pantry can undoubtedly take on a life of its own in premier homes around the world, making a midnight snack a much more elaborate affair. Let’s take a look at some of the prestige homes that feature creative, over-the-top and fantastic pantries.

The Ultimate 'Butler’s Pantry' (butler not Included)

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A well organised pantry is a delight

A butler’s pantry is designed as a “second kitchen”, a place where you can prepare food, store ingredients and touch up your dishes before heading out to your guests – prestige homes take the traditional butler’s pantry and put their own spin on it.

Today’s tricked-out butler’s pantries offer not only a place to discreetly prep produce, but they can come built in with the full suite of high-tech appliances and gadgets. For some prestige homeowners, the larger “main use” kitchen is a place to gather together, while the pantry can be neatly tucked away behind a sliding door, so most of the actual leg work of cooking can get completed behind the scenes here (keeping clutter out of the main house space).

From sunlit affairs with stone flooring and a country-cottage feel to black and gold themed shelving and panelled wood, just because the butler’s pantry is out of sight, certainly doesn’t mean it’s out of the design mind of the prestige homeowner.


Walk in pantry and window
A walk-in pantry with a view

A 'Walk-In' that keeps you walking

With home-organisation shows on the rise in popularity thanks to Netflix, even the most well-known celebrities are seeking an ultra-organised walk-in pantry, and the main decision you’ll need to make is – to see or not to see?

A walk-in pantry, much like a walk-in wardrobe, gives you the perfect place to store absolutely everything food-related and to do it with style. Some prestige homes showcase walk-ins with some serious floor space and floor-to-ceiling shelving, electric rotating shelves and even hidden doors that protect the less ‘aesthetic’ food items.

A prestige walk-in pantry can either showcase your highly-organised ingredients (in customised, alphabetised containers of course) or it can neatly tuck them away in drawers and cabinets to be revealed at the touch of a button.

The prestige walk-in pantry is the perfect place for young families to come together for a hot chocolate, to work out what’s for dinner and to give dedicated ‘snack’ areas for the kids that they can easily reach. Want to take your ingredients high-tech? You can even access digital tupperware-style containers that seal in your food and let you know when you need to replace your pasta, rice or biscuits.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and we look forward to meeting you to discuss where your prestige property journey could take you.



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