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The Prestige Home Office

While it took a global pandemic to get there, working from home has never been more popular, with employers today needing to find the right ‘flexible work’ balance for their staff – although it’s not quite as relaxing as taking a dip in your personal plunge pool or cruising your grounds in a golf buggy, that doesn’t mean that working from home should be any less sumptuous or prestigious.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you’ve got when decking out your prestige home office, for everything from extended Zoom calls to keeping it all organised – in style, of course.

The Book-Lovers dream

library and fuse ball table


Here on the Mercer & Cooper blog, we’ve already detailed some of the most incredible ways homeowners have chosen to showcase their extensive book collections. Still, it just makes sense that many prestige properties blend their office and library into one.

Consider a two-story study, something of a private retreat away from it all, where you can focus on your work. Reclaimed wooden floors set off with a stone fireplace and a dedicated second level for all of your important books and documents make the perfect setting to get down to business. Not only is it ideal for a Gold Coast Hinterland retreat, but it is also the perfect way to add ambience in contrast to your standard, more sterile office setting.


Prestige Office

The Perfect Zoom Background IRL

Have you noticed that virtual Zoom backgrounds have become increasingly extravagant? In fact, you’d think everyone was dialling in from their very own prestige home. For those lucky enough to actually own one, there’s nothing better than a background that takes in the natural beauty of your home, plenty of natural and even lighting and, of course, shows off a few hints of your exquisite design taste.

Positioned against a garden backdrop, a relaxed, light-wood-toned office can blend the best of business and pleasure, filled with your favourite art pieces, extra chairs for guests for in-person meetings and an overall design that combines architecture with the landscape. In warm weather (almost all year round here on the Northern Gold Coast!), you can open up your glass office doors for a morning coffee break stroll in your garden.


Designer Apartment

The “working hard or hardly working” vibe

So, not everyone loves being chained to their desk, and today’s prestige homes can incorporate the perfect balance of chillout zone with those functional areas you need when you just can’t avoid that work call or report.

Ideal for offices overlooking stunning views, this kind of relaxed office encourages you to spend time in the space, on and off the clock. Plenty of natural textures, stone and glass walls and an all-round colour scheme of warmth. Don’t forget the coffee bar, and lots of storage to tuck those laptops, files and cords away when it hits 5 pm.

A plush couch sets the room off perfectly for that power nap (or when you need to gently ease yourself into the work day!). This kind of prestige office is also perfect for families with young kids to weave in a space for craft and creativity, where inspiration abounds, and even furry friends are welcomed to claim their space by you as you conference call.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and we’ve got our very own offices in the ultimate lifestyle zone of the Northern Gold Coast, in the heart of Sanctuary Cove. Connect with our team today to discover where your prestige property journey could take you.


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