Even in a world of Kindles, audiobooks and online media, there’s nothing quite like diving into the pages of a good ol’ fashioned book – and for the prestige homeowner and book lover, it’s only fitting that you give your library that something extra. From beautiful bookshelves to immersive spaces to read in and explore, let’s leaf through some of the very best prestige libraries nestled within premier properties.

A dark wood affair

Library and fireplace


There’s something so special about a library with that timeless feel – soaring wood shelves, a rolling ladder and levels upon levels of beautiful books. The prestige home offers plenty of space to make this vision a reality, where you can not only display your collection but create the environment to really immerse yourself in every chapter.

Of course, we can’t talk about an all-wood prestige library without a nod to the classic mahogany-panelled study. Perfect for enjoying some soft mood lighting, leather-bound books and a glass of cognac.


Good food & good reads

Who says you can’t have your favourite books all around you when you’re sitting down for a meal? Some prestige homeowners are taking advantage of their ability to customise their living spaces, blending their dining room and library for a double-duty experience that can work at all hours of the day.

Space is key here, giving enough room for a statement table, chairs, a bar cart and even a wine cellar – importantly, keep your books preserved by coming in here only to eat, not cook (at least, we haven’t seen a prestige library slash kitchen yet!).


Penthouse publications

Perfect for city-dwellers, prestige penthouse apartments match perfectly with a library that overlooks the cityscape. Not only will you enjoy plenty of natural light, but you’ll reserve this premium space for a special, screen-free activity. A great place to take your guests to enjoy the view at the end of the night, or to start your mornings with a coffee and novel in hand.



A classic combination

Forget reading by candlelight (or top-of-the-line candlelight effect lamps), it’s all about reading by the fireside. Ideal for cooler climates, bringing a fireplace into your library adds an air of coming together cosiness, and makes it the ideal location to wind down at the end of the night with a few chapters.

Double Up

If you’ve got a growing collection of books, consider a two-storey study or library, giving you the chance to walk along different levels with reading nooks scattered around the space. Dual-level reading spaces also make room for truly dedicated book organisation – downstairs might be for the kids and teen favourites, where upstairs are the collector’s editions and archives.

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