Island in Sanctuary Cove, Northern Gold Coast

The prestige Beach House

For many prestige homeowners, having a premier pad on the Northern Gold Coast is just a part of their extensive portfolio – a holiday home, if you will. A beach house provides the opportunity to weave in the waterfront theme and bring a resort feel and vacation style to every single room.

So when it comes to making that 2nd, 3rd or even 4th home fit for purpose, let’s take a look at some of the most inspired and extra prestigious properties under the ‘beach house’ category. Don’t forget your towel!

Cruising cliffside

So there’s beachfront living, and then there are homes that take beach views to new heights – literally. Some prestige homeowners are looking to really overlook the perfect waterfront view, taking pole position at the very top of dramatic cliff faces or even semi-nestling their build into the rocky cliffside.

While tucked away from prying eyes, these prestige cliff properties often blend ultra-modern architecture, wall-to-ceiling windows and of course, extensive spots to sunbake, soak in the sauna and relax outside, without even getting your feet sandy.

Open plan


For an additional home, especially for families or those who love to entertain, an open plan prestige beach house offers more light, space and flexibility into your main living quarters. Blending dining with living and moving seamlessly from indoor to outdoor, you’re encouraged to make the most of the beach right outside your front door.

Setting off many premier beach houses of this nature are vaulted ceilings and plenty of natural light, ideal for long summer evenings when you can let the beach breeze run through the house and wake up for the sunrise.

Pool or waves

Sleek, streamlined and monochrome bathrooms are increasingly becoming the mark of the new prestige – high-tech shower and sink systems accompany a modern bathtub with sculptures in the corner and tucked-away storage. A minimalist colour palette (think stone grey, charcoal and natural textures) ensures that your prestige bathroom will always be a sanctuary where you can retreat to.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige property, so get in touch with us now if you’re keen to sell or find your prestige property (with that 5-star prestige bathroom too).


Wooden Deck overlooking blue ocean

The Hamptons meets Hawaii

Truly tropical prestige property styling maxes out on white mixed with warm tones, flanked by palm trees that guide you up your personal drive way. Many prestige beach lovers are bringing the resort to them, with a hotel vibe and floor plan that accommodates the whole family and then some, complete with a commercial-quality kitchen for your private chef to whip up everything you need to celebrate in style.

Of course, everyone gets an en-suite and all rooms have the perfect beach views and private access to take a dip whenever you feel like it.

Lucky for us at Mercer & Cooper, we live, work and play on the Northern Gold Coast where it feels like summer most of the year. If you’d like to discover where your prestige property journey could take you, we invite you to call or visit our offices today.


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