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The modern high-end home: Part 2

From professional home staging to small renovations and the psychology of the new home,  we continue this two-part guide to the Modern, high end home. 

Prestige appliances

Modern Kitchen Appliances


When selling your property, you could be forgiven for thinking that whilst you would make some updates, and ensure the house is clean and painted, it is unlikely that you would change appliances; after all – you are selling the place. Unfortunately, this could be a mistake that affects the final selling price. Older, mismatched appliances make an area appear tired and daggy. With buyers being more discerning when it comes to purchasing property, updating your key appliances (and putting away the others), whilst costly, could return much greater rewards in terms of the final sale price and time spent on the market. With inflation and increasing supply chain issues, a new and modern house with fresh design, appliances and tech feels more valuable than other homes on the market. 


Supply chain issues

The pandemic’s knock-on effects and ongoing ramifications have been seen acutely in supply chain shortages. For the consumer (and builder) that means that we can’t always get what we want when we want it and the price we once expected to pay for it. There is a real fear that waiting for certain appliances and supplies may take many months, which in turn means more costs and waiting for the home you want. As you can imagine, most people wish to avoid this, and so will find a home with up-to-date appliances and features more attractive.


New doesn’t have to mean minimalist or stark

We can certainly all imagine the “white box” feel of a stereotypical brand-new home or apartment, and while this appeals to some, the concept of an all-white-and-chrome brand-new build can be off-putting. Many buyers really appreciate a home with a signature style and a unique aesthetic, in fact, it can be the reason that a buyer can go from “I’m just getting an idea of the market” to “I want to make an offer!”

So, how do you balance a refresh to your home with keeping a warmth and energy to the space (that doesn’t look like a cookie-cutter model property)? You might like to refresh or repurchase some fixtures and fittings, so they maintain your look and feel but still read as “brand new”. By striking the right balance, you offer buyers a unique opportunity to purchase a property that is both stylish and with a new, fresh feel.

Modernise to get the best price

Whilst modern is attractive, don’t feel you need to overhaul the look and feel of your home in a way that feels inauthentic – we’re suggesting that you should only partially renovate your home. With the spring selling season upon us and the market returning to a period of relative normality, it is worth considering modernising elements of your property to achieve the best possible final price. The best place to begin is with the home areas that resonate most with buyers – the kitchen, bathrooms and the main entrance (for that all-important first impression). 

At Mercer and Cooper, our team of experts can help you to stage, modernise and present your home to sell for the best price in the shortest amount of time. Feel free to call us today to find out what your property could be worth.


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