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The modern high-end home: Part 1

With the relentless rise of property prices coming to a halt, and with clearance rates down compared to last year, it is increasingly evident that all properties – even high-end prestige properties – may take a little longer to sell compared to recent times. Whilst market conditions are constantly changing, some buyer habits remain constant regardless of the times, such as a preference for a new and modern property.

It’s a theme that’s reflected in all industries, especially retail – how often have you reached to the back of a shopping aisle shelf to grab “one that hasn’t been touched”, or asked for a sales assistant to “grab a new one from out the back” – we all feel a sense of more confidence and security when we feel we’re getting something new.

Let’s take a look at the logic behind the love for a new property, and some options for you to consider if you’re about to put your home on the market in the coming months, or if you’d like to stay informed for when that time may come in the future.

The modern home

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We all remember those 1950s photos of the perfect quarter-acre block featuring the new home. Now the preserve of memes and mildly amusing seaside postcards, the Aussie dream of buying and owning a modern home is alive and well. These blocks promised a new lifestyle of homeownership, space and convenience.


Time and convenience

Despite a recent pandemic-induced uptick in people doing renovations – long gone are the days when everyone wants to move into that ‘fixer-upper’. Sure, it might have excellent potential), but with time and convenience being so important – especially for the prestige buyer- getting designs and calling in tradies is the last thing most people want to do when they move in.


Creating that modern feeling: looks matter

It is the ‘feeling of new’ that we are concerned with creating when we sell a property. Over time, even the most considered home takes on an appearance that was not originally part of the design. Gifts, mixed-matched items and long-past fashion trends all mean that we tend to create a unique look for our dwelling over time. Whilst this might work for us, it is unlikely to resonate with the potential buyer. It is, therefore, always worth considering having your home professionally staged when selling. 

"Staging a home is more than introducing soft lighting and rearranging furniture. It is about creating a fantastic first impression. Buyers of prestige property are very discerning. Once a buyer has arranged to make an in-person viewing, it is vital to develop a strong emotional connection even before they walk in the door.”  Bernice Cooper  of Gold Coast based Mercer and Cooper. 

Bernice Cooper of Gold Coast based Mercer and Cooper.

Having your property staged for sale can create a beautiful, consistent layout with new features and give you a fresh, vibrant, and new home without having to go out and buy more stuff!



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