The Marinas of The Broadwater: The Northern Gold Coast

More than 85 per cent of Australians live under 50 kilometres of the coast, which is not surprising given the beauty of this island continent.  Almost everyone you meet loves living near – or with views of – the water. A home overlooking the ocean is a top goal for many and is often that vital ingredient that makes a property truly special, truly unique. On the Gold Coast, you will find some of the most desired properties along the coast and framing The Broadwater. 

Also known as the Southport Broadwater, Gold Coast Harbour, The Broadwater is a shallow yet extensive water estuary located in the Gold Coast district of South East Queensland. Extending from Southport to UNESCO World Heritage Listed Moreton Bay in the north, the estuary is aligned with The Broadwaterway – a 19-kilometre foreshoreway along the foreshores of the Gold Coast Broadwater allowing unfettered access to the public via walkways and cycle pathways. 

Fed by the South Pacific Ocean and the Coral Sea and protected from surges and storms by Stradbroke island, The Broadwater provides a perfect shelter for marine life, your sea-going vessel and the prestige home.  

World Class Convenience - The Marinas of the Northern GC

Gold Coast

Whether a full-service marina such as Hope Island Marina or Sanctuary Cove Marine Village, the Broadwater is home to established world-class facilities whether you own a permanent berth or are just stopping in on your way through.  Lets look at the top 4 in the Northern Gold Coast. 


Sanctuary Cove Marina

Is it the jewel in the Gold(en) Coast Crown? Perhaps! Overlooked by the Grand Intercontinental Hotel, Sanctuary Cove Marina (and the Sanctuary Cove Marine Village) is a must-visit. Home to the wildly popular World Class boating facilities and fine waterfront dining options make, it is little wonder this is a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. Please read our article to learn more about the history and what to do in Sanctuary Cove here.

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Sanctuary Cove Marina

Hope Harbour Marina

 Located on the eastern point of Hope Island, Hope Harbour Marina is adjacent to the natural treasures of Southern Moreton Bay Islands National Park. Hope Harbour also enjoys one of the most sheltered positions on the Broadwater, safely branched off the Coomera River and unaffected by strong river or tidal flows. This fine harbour also offers super convenient access to shops, bars, and cafes. As an added unique offering, all users of the marina are granted access to the Ramada Hotel Hope Harbour’s facilities (whether you stay at the resort or not!). 


Hope Island Marina

Not to be confused with the former Hope Harbour Marina, this marina is nestled right in the thick of it with everything you could ask for in amenities and services. From Berth, you are a very short walking distance to a full-sized Coles, a gourmet butchery, trendy bars and the Broadway Tavern. The shopping centre also and a range of fine dining options and speciality stores; not only that, the marina is fully accessible by golf cart if you live (or play) locally!


Hope Island Marina

The Gold Coast City Marina & Shipyard (GCCM)


Australia’s most comprehensive and awarded marine facility, including winning this year’s best superyacht Refit Yard Award, the GCCM is the largest marina in the Northern Gold Coast – and hosts over 90 dedicated marine businesses. The GCCM is where you go for extensive services, refurbs and even new builds.

Whatever floats your boat


The Gold Coast (and its surrounding waters) have long been recognised as a paradise for the avid (or amateur) sea fearer. Where Australia has what feels like an endless coastline, few waterways compare to the level of service, access and beauty offered by protective The Broadwater and its world-class marinas.


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