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The Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2021: A New Era for Renters in Queensland

Renting a home can often be a confusing and stressful experience, but with the recent implementation of the Housing Legislation Amendment Act 2021 (HLA Act) in Queensland, the rental market is undergoing a much-needed transformation. This act, which amends the existing Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, aims to improve the safety, security and certainty of renters in Queensland. With these changes, Queensland is taking a bold step towards creating a rental market that’s fair, equitable, and (dare we say) easier to navigate.

Crystal Clear Tenancy Arrangements

Tenants have more rights under the amended Act

At the heart of the Act lies a mission to make tenancy arrangements more transparent and accountable. This means that as a tenant, you will clearly understand the terms of your agreement with your landlord, giving you confidence in your rights and responsibilities. The Act also promotes open and transparent communication between landlords and renters, ensuring that both sides are on the same page about what’s expected and what’s allowed. In short, the HLA Act is all about creating a clearer and fairer rental market for everyone involved.

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Rental Properties: Safe, Secure, and...Satisfactory

The HLA Act also strengthens the repairs and maintenance obligations of landlords, so renters can feel confident about the safety and functionality of their rental property. The Act establishes minimum housing standards, ensuring that all rental properties in Queensland meet basic health and safety requirements.

Domestic and Family Violence: A Helping Hand

The HLA Act is transforming the rental market and providing a more equitable experience for all parties involved. Renters who have experienced domestic and family violence now have access to a range of protections and support. With just 7 days notice, renters can leave their rental property and access their bond contributions. They are also relieved from any liability for property damage and costs relating to reletting the premises. Additionally, co-renters may be asked to assist with topping up the bond. For increased safety, renters are able to change the locks to their rental property without needing the owner’s consent.

Pet-Friendly Renting: A Purr-fect Solution

Another highlight of the HLA Act is its focus on promoting pet-friendly rental accommodation in Queensland. The Act provides frameworks to support negotiations between landlords and renters about the possibility of keeping pets in rental properties. This will help encourage more landlords to consider allowing pets in their properties, and it will provide wider opportunities for renters who have pets to find suitable accommodation.

Summing it Up: A Recap of the Reforms

In conclusion, the HLA Act is a welcome change for renters in Queensland, providing much-needed safety, security, and opportunity in the rental market. Renting a home can be confusing, but with these new measures in place, renters (and their pets) can feel confident that they are protected. 

Are you Considering Renting your Home?

Navigating the rental market can still be challenging. If you’re a prospective renter or a property owner, consider partnering with a professional property manager. With their expert guidance and support, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected and you’ll stay compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.


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