The Hamptons home

The Hamptons have long been a favourite holiday destination for affluent New Yorkers seeking a getaway.

Located on eastern New York’s Long Island’s South Fork, the area consists of a series of seaside communities with some of the most stylish, lavish and enviable waterfront properties in the world. Synonymous with tasteful design and traditional architecture, mention ‘Hamptons” to a designer or real estate agent, and they will immediately know what you are looking for (whether they are in New York or the Gold Coast!). So what is a ‘Hamptons’ style home?


Colour scheme


Hamptons styled homes are characterised by light, cool, classic and rustic designs that hint towards a casual beach lifestyle and marine vibes. Think of off-whites and chic blues, lots of panelled walls, timber flooring and stone cladding. Couple this with generous indoor and outdoor spaces and proximity to the beach or water, and you get the idea.

A classical Hamptons exterior would include ‘brilliant white’ painted window frames, picket fences, ox-eye windows, and whitewashed plantation shutters.


Beach porch
Faded blue is in

Architectural design


Classical Hamptons architecture is based on the original homes prevalent in the area that is the Hamptons on Long Island, known as American craftsman homes. Originally, they were designed for the summer months to relax (although people do live their year-round too!). Here in Australia, with our excellent climate combined with our love of the coast all things beach lifestyle, it is no surprise that Australia is home to many a Hampton style home.


A Hampton style house in Australia

Interior Design and Accents


Hampton homes (wherever they are) tend to marry this casual style with fine features and well-considered interiors designed to add an element of luxury and prestige. For the full effect, it is essential to create a consistent feel across the home, with special attention given to including centrepiece furnishings, decor and finishes. 


Tones and fabrics


Hamptons style interiors trend towards natural colours, fabrics and materials. These should be chosen to complement any existing textures, such as timber and stone.   Popular Hampton style pieces tend to be made from light woods, genuine leather and rustic linen. This is complemented with the occasional darker feature, such as black accents from cast iron door handles or cloak racks (or other features you have in mind). 


Pool deck and loungers
Blending indoor and outdoor living spaces

Beach Inspired furniture and centre pieces


Your furniture pieces can make or break your Hamptons vibe. Again try to complement in existing design and the colour scheme. Classical beach and tropical style furniture pieces include rattan furniture, e.g. Papasan Chairs, Hanging egg chairs and wood chests with brass or iron buckling are all excellent additions. Accent your furniture by accessorising with diffused lighting, candles and elegant lampshades.   




You don’t have to live in the Hamptons to enjoy Hampton’s design. A Hamptons home brings together traditional architecture, coastal style and modern amenities. Unpretentious yet prestigious, these homes are carefully curated to create a sense of seaside relaxation, style, and luxury


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