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The ‘Green’ Prestige Property

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are two primary considerations that many homeowners keep front of mind when they look to buy, renovate or build. Increasingly, “going green” doesn’t mean sacrificing luxury or appearance. In fact, more and more prestige, eco-friendly homes are finding creative ways to make sustainable living super stylish and covetable.

Let’s look at some features you might find in today’s prestige “green” homes.

Going Solar

Large home with solar panels
Solar panels are now a must

We’ve all seen the promos being spruiked here in Queensland – there are plenty of incentives for installing solar panels in your home, and while it will not only give your energy savings a boost, it’s a great way to keep your prestige property sustainable and self-sufficient (especially here in our beautiful and sunny Northern Gold Coast locale!).

For the prestige homeowner, you might consider both solar heat and power solutions, as well as other ways to keep unwanted air and moisture in your home (think closed-cell foam insulation). When you’re creating the home of your dreams, there’s no reason to skimp on sustainable extras that are both practical and impressive.

Rainwater harvesting


So the first image that comes to mind when you think “rainwater tanks” might not be glamorous, but the reality is, a semi-off-grid prestige property offers you an elevated sense of independence and sustainability. A rainwater tank is said to save up to 100,000 litres of water a year for the average Australian home, and with the right kind of UV purification system, you can be as fussy as you like about water quality in your property.

With so many incredible properties across the Gold Coast that spread into our stunning hinterland region, keep an open mind on the postcode when it comes to finding your next prestige home.


Home grown

Cabin with vegetable garden
A vegetable garden is joy to hehold

Roof garden anyone? It doesn’t get much more sustainable than growing your own food, and you don’t always need acres of land to make it happen. From nurturing your own tomatoes on a terrace veggie patch or going all in with a bespoke fruit tree plan for larger properties, a DIY approach to your five a day is not only sustainable, it’s the ultimate organic seal of approval for the home (and a great way to impress guests you’re wining and dining!).

Plug & Play

Prestige electric vehicle being charged outside home
Electric car chargers are anything but bulky

Smart, energy-efficient electric appliances are the best way to ensure your day-to-day functions at home are sustainable and eco-friendly. This goes beyond just your fridge or microwave and even supports the vehicles you drive. The hybrid car has long been a popular option, and with Tesla bringing even more vehicles to our shores, it’s little wonder that the must-have garage accessory for the prestige home is a rapid charging port.

Sleek and minimalist, these electric car chargers are anything but bulky, and will further your reputation as a home that’s mindful of its actions in and out of the house.


Smart home temperature control
Save costs using smart technology

Ask the experts


Looking to discover some sustainable prestige properties in the Northern Gold Coast, or perhaps you’re ready to take on a new chapter and are looking to see what your eco-friendly home could be worth in today’s market. Connect with the prestige property experts, Mercer & Cooper, to see where your property journey could take you.


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