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The buzz of the ‘Prestige Precinct’

There are endless factors that combine to make a property truly prestige. The house itself must be unique by virtue of great features, considered design, and of course, location location! Then there are local amenities, from shops, restaurants, gyms, proximity to airports and schools, and supermarkets. Outside of the home itself, this all boils down to a lifestyle. A prestige home is more than a fantastic property and location, but what that location will do for you. With memories of recent lockdowns and travel bans still fresh, the value of a lifestyle location is everything these days.

Lifestyle precincts

The Boardwalk, Hope Island Marina

Lifestyle precincts are more popular than ever. Reminiscent of the traditional town square or plaza, multipurpose lifestyle precincts either emerge naturally or are purpose-built. Increasingly, purpose-built precincts incorporate fashionable bars, restaurants, professional offices, shared spaces, and other amenities. However, it is not simply a laundry list of ‘needs’ that make the precinct special.

Local prestige property agent Bernice Cooper say’s “Sure, people want convenience, but more than that, they are looking for a dynamic atmosphere and a balance of different quality services that add something extra to their lives”.


"Sure, people want convenience, but more than that, they are looking for a dynamic atmosphere and a balance of different quality services that add something extra to their lives".


The combined Hope Island Marina and Shopping Centre is a perfect example of a lifestyle precinct, with fine restaurants such as Mecca Bar, a premium supermarket, florists, artisan butchers and bakeries, and medical services. Purpose-built next to Hope Island Marina, the precinct also incorporates marine access and ample parking for land lovers and their vehicles. The centre also has provisions such as access and parking for golf carts. This is a massive benefit to locals as Hope Island is home to two world-class golf courses and is famous for its golf buggy lifestyle. Surrounded by these gated communities, it is almost too easy to drop by the shops in your cart after a few rounds on the local course.


From wine bars to the local tavern

What to look for in your local shopping precinct when buying

When you are looking at a local precinct near the area you are purchasing in, try to get into the mindset of ‘having lived’ in the area for a few months. Ask yourself: 

How busy is it?

What is the overall quality, feel and ambiance of the area? 

Do you prefer busy or quiet?

 Would I actually use it regularly?

Does this serve the entire family?

Is it easily accessible?


The Boardwalk Tavern Hope Island
Hope Island Marina as seen from the Boardwalk Tavern, Hope Island

Santuary Cove Marine village, prestige precinct

Sanctuary Cove Marine Village is another example of a prestige precinct accessible by boat, car or cart. Locals from Sanctuary Cove can travel effortlessly to the village on Golf Carts without ever encountering a main road. Flanked by the Intercontinental Resort on one side and the glorious Broadwater on the other (not to mention the Sanctuary Cove Golf Course), the marine village is a destination and point of interest in and of itself. 

The area boasts fine yet accessible dining options such as Georges Paragon ( a waterfront seafood restaurant), Rosie’s Gelatissimo, a sushi train, as well as a range of trendy bars, an IGA, Yacht and boat sales and services, as well as a Parisian bakery and golf cart servicing and sales. 

The entire village was purpose-built to serve the local community and is so popular that it attracts visitors from far and wide. The area also hosts various events throughout the year, including the internationally famous Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. 

As you can imagine, if golf, nature, water and gated community living is your thing, than a home in this area would add to the prestige of your home. And remember, if you sell one day, the same qualities that attracted you to that home will also attract future buyers.

Now more than ever, where you live is more than what you live in, but what community you are a part of. Don’t just look for local amenities. Look for a local lifestyle, and your local lifestyle precinct or its equivalent is the place to start this search. 


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