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The allure of the Prestige Home

Just this month, an impressive Sovereign Islands property sold for $8.5 million, ranking it as the 2nd highest-priced sale in the area in 2022, just another sign that demand for prestige properties across the Northern Gold Coast continues to rise.

So, what exactly brings buyers (local, interstate and international) out in droves to check out these homes, and why does prestige real estate maintain its allure even despite changes to other market forces?

Let’s get back to basics and look at why a prestige property (or even a portfolio!) is the ultimate X-factor asset.

Heart over head

Waterfront Apartment


Prestige property is always a sight to behold – these are the homes that have gone above and beyond to make an impression, to realise some dream spaces, incredible views and features that make life extra luxurious. There’s a reason we all love to pore over Architectural Digest (or, throwback time MTV Cribs!) – seeing a prestige property in person showcase the potential for not only a physical structure itself but the lifestyle and ease that these homes enhance and afford you.

A prestige property viewing is about the emotional side of decision making – what tugs at our heartstrings, what makes us swoon and of course, visualise ourselves and our families living there. Even if you’re looking at prestige homes purely from an investment point of view, there truly is an element of excellence and exclusivity that can’t be replicated.


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The experience

For anyone who has purchased their first home, the search can be fatiguing – but when you’re able to operate in the realms of prestige property, the end-to-end experience of finding the right place becomes much more customised and pleasant.

At Mercer & Cooper, we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to both our prestige buyers and sellers – we welcome a meeting with you at our Sanctuary Cove premises to discover what you’re looking for, what your goals are for your prestige home journey, and importantly, to take the leg work out of finding the right place.

We have access to properties that won’t be advertised on mainstream real estate websites, with sellers often preferring fewer public listings with a curated selection of potential buyers welcomed into the viewings. This means a more personal experience, no competing with bustling crowds or “just here to have a snoop” attendees – searching for a prestige home elevates the buying experience to new heights.


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The dream

Prestige homes often bring to life features and layouts that are the stuff of our home dreams, and a prestige property realises more than just a beautiful shower or outdoor space – indoor bowling alleys, electric car turntables and breathtaking views are all part and parcel of the prestige homes across the Northern Gold Coast.

As such, for many people, the ability to own their own slice of property heaven is realising a dream and marking a significant life moment, whether it be as their “forever home” or a holiday pad to relax and unwind in – acquiring a prestige property means you’re now a part of the history of an exclusive and coveted location, which means realising a dream that you’ve worked towards.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and we welcome you to discover what your prestige home journey could look like. Connect with our team today and see what’s possible.


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