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The 101 of prestige floors

The flooring of a space can set off the look and feel of a home. When it comes to prestige property, there are some very luxurious and unique ways to take your flooring to the next level (so to speak).

From diamond-encrusted to high-value hardwood, let’s examine the top 4 methods of flooring that exemplify that prestige look and feel.

Million-dollar footsteps

Part of a limited edition ‘LuxTouch’ range by Pietra Firma
Part of a limited edition ‘LuxTouch’ range by Pietra Firma

Part of a limited edition ‘LuxTouch’ range by Pietra Firma, these tiles bring serious sparkle and kudos to your flooring. With the ability to be installed across walls, floors and ceilings, every tile is handcrafted with the most precious of materials. Per square metre of these tiles, you’re looking at over 1000 diamonds, 400 abalone shell pieces, 500 black onyx pieces and 2400 mother-of-pearl pieces.

Now, let’s talk pricing, because you’re probably mentally adding the value up for just one square metre and realising that you won’t be decking out your prestige home with these without shelling out some serious cash. Want to secure just one metre squared? You’re looking at a cool $1 million price tag.


Natural stone

Bringing a natural shine and prestige feel, a stone floor is a consistently popular choice to complete a prestige property, with marble being in high demand for its longstanding association with luxury (and a palace-like quality that echoes back to times gone by).

Sourcing natural stone is costly, and the more hardy the type of stone is, the more complicated the process is to bring it up to surface level and into your home. Across all types of flooring, natural stone installation is also some of the most expensive work to have completed. Still, if you’ve got your heart set on a classic flooring that won’t go out of style, natural stone might well be worth it.


A mind for mosaic

If you’ve got an artistic streak that you’re keen to flex, you might like to look into a customised mosaic floor that can be created according to your preferred pattern, colours and size of tile. 

All sorts of tile materials can be utilised to create mosaic floors – everything from antique tiles, glass tiles, designer Italian options and even handcrafted (as we mentioned earlier in this piece). 

Finding the right tiler with expertise and a clear understanding of your vision is key. Keep in mind that installation costs can skyrocket with this kind of work, so keep your budget and timeline flexible.


Mosaic Shower
Modern Bathroom with mosaic tiling and stone flooring

A hankering for hardwood

We all know that hardwood floors add depth and warmth to every home, and more recently, a ‘distressed hardwood’ trend has been on the rise. Finding the right wood (whether reclaimed or hand-scraped) for you might see you looking abroad for some more exotic and rare hardwood options (like South American or African) with limited global supply for something that you won’t see at your neighbour’s place.

So think big, and scour the globe for the most exclusive location to source your hardwood delivery for a floor that brings the world to you.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all this prestige, from roofs to flooring, and we welcome you to visit us in person to discuss how we can support your prestige home journey.



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