Stairway to Prestige

While you might consider it more of a design afterthought, the ultimate in prestige staircases make the journey to the spaces of your home just as important as the destination.

It might not be a stairway to heaven, but let’s check out some of the most premium and luxurious ways to add a feature staircase to your home, whether it’s to make an impression as your guests enter, to guide your eyes up across the different levels or to echo the core design themes of your prestige property.

Designer Staircase in modern home

Sweeping staircase

Synonymous with grand residences, there’s nothing like a sweeping staircase to add a touch of design drama to your home. As the name suggests, they welcome your eyes into the house and upwards, often meeting at the top, where you can make a grand entrance when entertaining.

Wooden stairs showcase this shape at its very best, and this is the kind of staircase shape that accompanies a spacious foyer, especially if you’re looking to show off a focal point sculpture – add in a little bit of artfully placed lighting, and you’ve got what’s sure to be the favourite place to come together for family photos, pre-dinner drinks and of course, the perfect sweeping railings to decorate for Christmas or other holidays.


wooden staircase

Rustic & wooden

Not every prestige staircase needs to be inside the home, so consider bringing together the different levels of your estate (especially if it’s spread over more than an acre) with rustic wooden staircases that are a little rougher around the edges. Lending itself to something of a fairytale glen vibe, more natural staircases that blend into your garden landscapes will lead your guests around the space – if you want to get extra creative, you can even utilise designs made out of trees from your own property.


Magnificent Marble

While they might not make the best quiet entry (especially in heels), there’s nothing like a marble or stone staircase to set the tone of your prestige home in style. Echoing back to times gone by, today’s prestige modern marble staircase is a little more minimalist than gilded, and leans perfectly into a black-and-white decor style, set off with some soft indoor plants, glowing lighting and sitting just below a chandelier centrepiece. Of course, there’s nothing like a significant amount of marble to showcase the luxury and love you’ve put into your home.


Elegant Iron staircase

Quirky & colourful

Whether it’s a New York loft or a quaint cottage (which, in the prestige world, still means a rather large holiday home), staircases can be a way to add a sense of playfulness to your home. Consider a statement colour to coordinate with the rest of the space, and decorate the stairs with portraits, art and favourite photos of friends, loved ones and travel. A less classical and more contemporary staircase also adds excitement to the space, encouraging guests to wander and discover more rooms, and offers you the chance to put your personal stamp on every step of your home.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige – and whether it’s a sweeping staircase or a stone-stepped path to your front door, we know the best prestige properties that the Northern Gold Coast has to offer. We welcome you to get in touch today to discover where your prestige home journey could take you.



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