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Staging your prestige home for sale: Part 3

Final tips for creating a prestige ambience


By now,  most of the hard work should have been done. Now it’s time for you (or your agent)  to put the final touches to make your home really sing. These final steps may just be the cherry on top that leads to an offer on your property.

Fresh air and scented candles


Scented candles are warming and do a great job of covering any smells – some homeowners might even have something baking in the oven or a fragranced pot of cinnamon sticks and citrus gently simmering for an organic and homely fragrance. 


Picture of two candles just blown out
Create ambience with scented candles

About bathrooms


Ensure that bathrooms are meticulously clean, and that toilet rolls are new, accompanied with fresh white towels, a splash of greenery (small plant or vase of flowers) and remove absolutely all personal effects ( toothbrush, shampoo etc.). You want to convey the impression that this space is unused, almost like a 5-star hotel bathroom on arrival.


Bathrooms should appear unused

Prestigious Pets


Pets! Not everyone loves Fido and Fluffy as much as you do. And almost no one likes the smell of dogs. Ensure that any pets are not present on viewing days and that all signs of pets or their activity are erased.


Dog under blanket at home
Ensure any pets are away for the day of viewings

How much does staging cost with a professional staging company?


Arranging for cleaning, decluttering and maintenance are unavoidable necessities you will need to have addressed before staging a home.

However, the entire staging process is certainly best left to the professionals. These professionals almost always have extensive experience in interior design and or architecture. Staging companies will have a comprehensive suite of ‘assets’ that they can bring into your home for the period during which you are selling. This could include expensive coffee table books and stunning and matching bed linen to ensure consistency throughout the house. They can even arrange temporary loans of plants, artworks and ornaments that would cost many thousands to buy outright.


Peace of mind


Whilst professionally staging a home comes with costs, it is widely recognised that this is money well spent ( and is often repaid many times over in the eventual sale price).

Professionals can see clearly if new fixtures and fittings would be worth the effort of updating or not. There is nothing that an experienced designer has not seen before, saving you not just time but also money and stress in deciding what to do!  

A professional stager can assess and present your home in the best light. They can take an objective, unemotional view of the home in its current state and see how best to offer this to increase the chances of it selling quickly and for the right price.  


Book a no-obligation appraisal today


You do not want to renovate your entire property when selling, but naturally, you want the best chance of a great return. Are you considering selling your prestige property and want advice on how to stage it or what it is worth in the current property market? When you sell your home with Mercer and Cooper, professional staging is all part of the service. With over 20 years of real estate experience combined with our in-house interior designer, we know how to get the best results for our clients.  

Click here or call (07) 5626 9090 to arrange an appraisal with the Prestige Property experts, Mercer and Cooper.


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