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Staging your prestige home for sale: Part 2

Before they get to the front door…


Make sure your house number is clearly labelled and clean so people can find the home. If the number or letter box is old or faded, replace them with new ones. Do you have a front gate? Make sure it is well oiled and freshly painted if need be. 

Next, ensure that pavements, pathways and driveways are weed free and well-trimmed to the edges. Following this, have them pressure-hosed to return them to their former glory. Ensure that hedges are trimmed, and gardens are neat. If you have a pool, ensure it is uncovered, leaf and debris free, and remove any water clutter from the pool tool (e.g. vacuuming devices or leaf nets and random pool toys).

This is all about creating great first impressions. When the buyer enters the home, you want them to feel excited about what is to be found within. If there are any overdue maintenance issues (leaky taps, have them addressed. Repaint that wall, and get around to those odd-jobs!).


close up picture of blue door and handle
Refresh or re-hang your front door for a great first impression

The front door is the gateway to a potential sale.


The front door is more important than most people might realise. Ensure at least that it is clean, well maintained, and freshly varnished, and replace tarnished door knockers and handles. If appropriate, consider hanging a reef or a nice touch to the doorway that will make people smile. While there, change the door mat and place some vibrant green pot plants to frame the entrance to your abode.


Keep outdoor areas and pools neat and clear on viewing days

Once they are inside the property…


Now that your home is sparkling clean and decluttered, you want to ensure that it is well lit and feels fresh and inspiring. Make sure that curtains are open and that as much natural light as possible is flooding the property. If there are dark spots, ensure that lights are on, and consider placing a light in dark corners or places that do not have a lot of natural light. A professional stager will be able to advise you on the best positioning of lighting and will also be able to loan lamps to you as part of the staging process.

Plants and Flowers 

Healthy, vibrant potted plants and flowers add a feeling of vibrancy, life and health to your home. Placed strategically, plants can create a sense of flow to the property, giving new life to ‘dead’ or unused spaces. 

Air Quality and Temperature 

Before any viewing, ensure that your home has been well ventilated and smells great. On hot days, ensure windows and doors are open and fresh air circulates from home. Alternatively, do the opposite and ensure that the climate control is set to a pleasantly cool temperature, so buyers feel an instant respite when they enter. 

If it is a cold day, ensure that the home is warm and inviting and feels like a place one could see themselves taking refuge. If you have a fireplace, make sure that this is well-established and going strong by the time people arrive. Fireplaces are warming, inviting and romantic, and are fantastic prestigious features that must be shown off on cool days. 


Designer Apartment
On winter days get the fire place going!


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