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Staging your prestige home for sale: Part 1

When placing a property on the market, it’s only natural that you want the best price within the time frame that would work best for you. There is no point in getting the best price if it took your agent a year to sell it, nor do you want to undervalue the property just to sell it on the first weekend of viewings. There are many tools that a good agent will utilise to sell your property faster and obtain the sale, and one of those is professional styling and staging your property for sale.

What does it mean to stage a home?

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Staging a home is more than introducing soft lighting and rearranging furniture. It is about creating a fantastic first impression. Buyers of prestige property are very discerning. Once a buyer has arranged to make an in-person viewing, it is vital to develop a strong emotional connection even before they walk in the door. Basically, you want them to fall in love with the home, and for them to picture themselves there. We have all heard from friends or family who recount that “the moment we walked through the door, we knew this was the one”. 

When a buyer feels that emotional connection, then from this point on, they are looking for reasons to love the rest of the property and will likely downgrade other ‘must haves’ to ‘nice to haves”, making the sale process smoother and more likely to end in a sale.


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Trust this to the professionals.

Despite how well styled your home is or how sharp your eye is for fantastic interior design and decorating, you have to trust that the professionals can objectively assess and then determine the best look for your home. This does not mean that you are out of the equation – there remains a lot to do before your home is stage-managed. 


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Declutter and tidy up

What are treasured keepsakes for you can be an eyesore to others. Firstly, a cluttered house appears smaller and, by extension, less prestigious. Secondly, we want the prospective buyer to be able to imagine themselves in the home and create a positive connection. This simply won’t happen if the house is untidy, the garden unruly, or there is ‘stuff’ everywhere. So, go through the home, look carefully at everything you have, and decide what to donate, dump, store or keep. Be brutal.

Remove personal mementoes and knick-knacks

You want buyers to picture themselves in your home – not stare right at your family photos from that trip to Greece! Remove these items and anything personal. Your real estate agent will arrange for staging for you and, before that time, can advise you on what to take, what to leave or move. Of course, you don’t want to remove everything or for the home to feel impersonal or sterile, instead that it is fresh and inspiring. After a thorough and considered decluttering – get the cleaners in for a deep clean of the home.

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