Prestige Waterfront Homes on the Broadwater

Real estate is King in the prestige asset market

With global inflation on the rise (and a possible recession looming on the horizon), it’s little wonder that the market of prestige buyers are turning to real estate for a stable method of asset investment with less volatility than other sectors.

It’s a nice problem to have – where shall I invest my money? However, with so many complex factors influencing the market, it’s not always easy to know if you’re making the right choice. Echoing the sentiments of many of our other blogs here at Mercer & Cooper, the time is now for the prestige real estate market, especially here in Queensland, which continues to either move from strength or strength or stay stable while other states fluctuate.

Prestige real estate offers a unique investment refuge to protect buyers against inflation, with demand still going strong in this particular market, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy. So, where does the Northern Gold Coast sit in the prestige asset market?

Waterfront wins


Here in our key locales of Sanctuary Cove, Paradise Point and surrounds, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to waterfront homes, with this type of property welcoming the yacht lifestyle buyers in with open arms (we’ve even created a whole blog dedicated to different ways you can approach having a boat right in your own backyard).

So, why  waterfront? Well, it’s a culmination of that X factor we talk about when discussing prestige property, it opens up a whole range of other hobby-related freedoms and opportunities, and even if you’re not a captain-in-training, you can enjoy the sparkling water views, sunsets and beyond. Just like you’ll always pay more for a premium-view 5-star hotel room, there will always be buyers ready to snap up that incredible prestige property on the water.


Luxury home with outdoor swimming pool

Why property?


You might be asking yourself this question – is property even a reliable and stable asset these days? While you might have heard your whole life that real estate is the place to pour your cash, the same reasoning rings true today, even despite so many forces fluctuating in the market.

Founder of Mercer and Cooper, Bernice Cooper, says, “As a tangible asset, property investment provides real security for investors that can act as a stalwart and safe harbour against currency fluctuations and an increasingly erratic stock market.’ In other words, while we can always directly compare the potential gains or losses of the stock market vs real estate, there’s just something about that “bricks and mortar” feature of a physical property that offers a less risky option. 

"As a tangible asset, property investment provides real security for investors that can act as a stalwart and safe harbour against currency fluctuations and an increasingly erratic stock market.’


Of course, you only have to turn on the news to see that there are rental and property crises being reported worldwide, so for someone looking to purchase and rent out a prestige property, the demand is there without a doubt.

At Mercer & Cooper, we pride ourselves on knowing the global real estate trends and, importantly, those of our core hyperlocal region of the Northern Gold Coast. If you’re curious about what your prestige property could be worth in this market, check in with us today for a complimentary real estate appraisal, or connect with us to chat about where your prestige property journey could take you.



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