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Prestigious pets and their spaces

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll often go above and beyond for your furry friend, and of course, this extends to finding the perfect prestige space for your pampered pet in your home.

Just as you and your loved ones have chillout zones, bedrooms and areas to live, work and play carved out in your house, your animals deserve their own space to roam, explore and relax in. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate pet-friendly luxury into your prestige property.

In the 'Dog House'

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Let sleeping dogs lie

Gone are the days when Fido was banished to the garden in his run-down kennel – it’s 2022, so you can find a dog house that has all the bells and whistles of your full-size home. Some prestige homeowners have gone as far as to design a dedicated ‘pup-sized’ room that echoes the design and decor of the main space – think miniature velvet lounges where your dogs can luxuriate, dog-themed artwork and kibble dispensers.

If you want to keep some demarcation between human and dog zones, and you’ve got some space to burn, take some high-tech inspiration from the prestige home owners who are building 2-storey (and higher) separate dog apartments for their four-legged family members.

With the functionality for dogs to eat, sleep and play, your pets can head to their ‘house’ at the end of the day to unwind and sleep, and be welcomed into the main house and garden by day. Of course, you’ll never be too far from your animals with 24/7 monitoring and security available, and don’t forget to consider some dog-friendly viewing on a dedicated flat screen for them to enjoy (try Showdogs on Netflix!).

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, why not learn from the best? Check out Paris Hilton’s $325k dog villa in Beverly Hills, modelled after her own prestige home ofcourse. 


A cat will assume all areas are his

The purrfect cat-friendly house

When you think of a prestige animal, it doesn’t get much fancier than some of the most sought-after luxury cat breeds, so you need to offer them fitting accommodations. 

Designing a home with felines in mind takes a good amount of consideration – cats love to explore up high (and to look down at their human family), appreciate a bit of space to themselves and also like to feel welcome wherever they settle in for a snooze.


Consider adding a custom ‘catwalk’ high up and across your walls, allowing your cats to wander at will from room to room, and you can even consider cat tunnels and entrances between sections of the home, the ultimate way to play for cats.

Indoor-outdoor living is also perfect for cats – how else will they move themselves around with the sunbeams to snooze all day? Your whiskered companions will also appreciate the ability to come and go as they please, so invest in some high-tech cat flaps (now with the capability to sync with your cat’s microchip, to monitor the entrance on camera as well as to have timed exit and entrance windows to keep your cat safe and sound at all hours).

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and this extends to your furry family members too. Visit us today to discuss how we can support your journey to buy or sell your prestige home.



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