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Picture Perfect – Showcasing your prestige home

These days, more than ever before, almost all things are researched or inspected online, and prestige property is no different. The ramifications of recent travel restrictions and the great distances we have to often travel in Australia mean that taking the best photos and videos of your home is essential. The goal? Ensuring potential buyers fall in love with your property before they even enter the front door. The end result? To sell your home for the best price in the timeframe that you have in mind.

Why are photos so important?

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Buyer's appreciate seeing local wow factor sites


As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. When first viewing your property online, whether, on or, you want the interested buyer to feel and see themselves in that home. It is not just about the quality of the images but also the skill, expertise and equipment that a real estate photographer brings to the shoot.


Experience, skills and equipment

Real estate photographers come with all the equipment, lens, lighting, and the ability to showcase your home in the best light. More than that, they can take these photos to capture the best light, the best and alluring angles, and to make any unique features shine. A photographer will understand why and how to create that vital emotional connection with the buyer before they step foot on the property.

Alternatively, poor and ill-considered photos will achieve the opposite, putting off buyers that will not even pick up the phone because they are put off by the pictures. The worst part is that even if your home was the perfect one for them, they might never know, and neither will you.


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Angles and staging are essential to present your home in it's best light

Creating an emotional connection is essential


Many prestige property buyers now rely on the internet and buyer’s agents to source and locate the home for them. They will depend extensively on the photos as a guide.  The better images, the stronger the emotional connection. People need a compelling reason to take the time to travel and see the property. This anticipation is part of the journey, and you want that buyer to have this experience! 


Buyers will want to see where the home is in relation to amenities and lifestyle attractions

What to capture a maximum of 35 images or property photos and 2 floor plans on a listing – more than enough to get the message across! Indeed, there is a risk that you can overdo it. The key is highlighting and showcasing the best of your property while minimising lesser aspects. Everyone will want to see the master bedrooms, kitchens, living spaces and gardens. But with a prestige home, there is so so much more. Consider the importance of the aspect of the exterior shots. What is the first photograph the buyer will see? What are the views from the waterfront balcony like in the morning? How close are you to the neighbours? How established is the garden? Where is the home related to top local amenities, golf courses, or the marina? Nowadays, it is more than just the home, but the location and, ultimately – lifestyle.

Trust the experts


At Mercer and Cooper, we have worked for years with professional photographers ensuring that we present homes to their full potential. Before we arrange for the best photos to be taken, we also manage the staging of your home before we send our professional photographers to the property. You can read our guide to find out why professional showcasing your home can significantly add to your property’s final sales price. Speak with Mercer and Cooper today to find out how we ensure seamless staging and photographing so your residence truly stands out from the crowd.



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