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Our Favourite Festive Prestige Home Features

It’s that time of year again when the tree and decorations come out of storage, and our homes come alive with the scents and sights of the festive season. From formal dinners at the dining table to casual get-togethers around the BBQ, adding a celebratory decorative touch to your home can make those memories extra special and get your guests in the Christmas mood.

When it comes to prestige properties, it’s no surprise that the holiday decorations go a little beyond some tinsel and fairy lights. We’ve put together our most favourite festive prestige home features that create a magical home environment to really make the most of this special time of year.


Go XXL for your tree

An oversized Christmas tree is a joy to behold

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, and the trees that decorate prestige homes have one thing in common: supersized. Yes, that pine scent really projects when you’re going for a 10-foot tree (or more!). For those prestige homes with incredible sweeping staircases and foyers, what better way to greet your Christmas guests than with a tree that is truly awe-inducing?

Natural adds an extra prestige factor, but there are some truly incredible faux trees on the market (with the added benefit of being reusable and not shedding across the festive months). When you go big with your Christmas tree, you’ll need to scale up your decorations too – from perfectly polished oversized baubles to custom crystal decorations, the prestige Christmas tree leaves nothing behind.


Photo of Christmas tree in living room with staircase in the background
Natural adds an extra prestige factor

Deck the halls (all of them)


A prestige home often comes with more square footage than your average property, and this means much more space to decorate. Around the world, luxury home owners are going above and beyond with their decorations so that every inch of their home is suitably themed.

From garland outlining every door frame, personalised stockings and even (literally) rolling out the red carpet, if your attitude to Christmas decorations is “more is more”, then a prestige home offers you the space to really get creative. Larger, spacious homes can absorb more decorative features that might overwhelm a standard room, so you’re free to fit out the place with festive spirit in every corner.


Luxe finishes


Sure, green and red suggest a classic Christmas theme, but when choosing your prestige Christmas palette, lean into the luxurious golds and silvers that make every surface gleam. From an all-gold colour scheme to Swarovski-encrusted details, anything that shimmers, glitters, sparkles and shines will give your prestige property a magical quality, the perfect backdrop for festive family photos.

While the goal here isn’t monochromatic, sticking with a refined but rich palette will give a cohesive look and feel to your Christmas decorations, and you can easily build and grow your festive decor collection with a clear vision in mind. When it comes to Christmas lights (while it might be controversial!), go for warm white lights that glisten and glow and skip the multi-coloured fairy lights and blow-up Santas – a prestige property Christmas always errs on the side of classic over trendy.

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps within the prestige property market, or you’re keen to develop your portfolio further, Mercer & Cooper are your prestige property experts (across the festive season and beyond!), and they look forward to supporting your property journey in 2023.


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