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New Year, New Home: The advantages of selling in the New Year

The new year is often seen as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings; for many people, that means selling their property and moving on to something new. If you’ve been considering selling your Gold Coast property, 2023 might be the perfect time to take the plunge. Here are just a few reasons why the new year is an excellent time to put your house on the market:


Increased demand

The new year is typically a busy time for the housing market, and Queensland is no exception. Many people are looking to make a move before the school year starts and increased demand can lead to your property selling faster then expected. 


Waterfront properties are always in demand, especially in summer

Because it's summer!


Summer is traditionally considered ‘peak selling season’, during which properties tend to sell faster and for top prices. The weather is great, the mood is high, and its is now that people begin looking for that lifestyle property – whether it’s the one with more space for the kids, or a pool for cooling off, or that ocean breeze and view. 


Luxury Waterfront properties on the Gold Coast Broadwater
Nothing like the cool ocean breeze in the height of summer

Better marketing opportunities

The Christmas and new year period is when people have more free time and are more likely to be online, searching for their next home. This means that your property will be more visible to potential buyers, increasing the number of enquiries and, ultimately, the chances of a successful sale.

Less competition


The number of new properties being being advertisied on the market tends to drop towards the end of year, which means there will be fewer properties on the market competing with yours when the new year has begun. This can make it easier to stand out and attract the attention of potential buyers.


A fresh start:


It may seam obvious, but for many people, the new year is just the right time mentally to make changes and start afresh, and this means that people are looking for that dream home. If you’ve been thinking about selling your property for a while, now might be the perfect time to make a move and start the next chapter of your life.

Before you put your property on the market, it’s important to do your homework and make sure you’re prepared. This means making any necessary repairs or updates to your property, as well as staging it to appeal to potential buyers. Most importantly,  you should also work with a local real estate expert who can help you navigate the process and get the best price for your property.


If you’re considering selling your property in the new year, don’t wait too long to get started. The sooner you put your property on the market, the better your chances of a successful sale. So take the leap and make the new year a time for new beginnings – and a new home.


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