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Modern security systems for the Prestige Property: Part 2

Continued from Modern security systems for the prestige property: Part 1


Motion-sensor and timed lighting systems

Home security systems are better than ever, and lighting plays an important part. A strategically well-lit home (both internally and externally) is a massive deterrent for would-be trespassers, who will likely look elsewhere for easier pickings.

If your property is fenced, ensure that this fencing is lit up with robust exterior lighting. The best practice is to light the whole fence, (not just the top) to ensure there is no refuge. Within your grounds and gardens, make extensive use of motion-detecting lights on all pathways and entryways. This makes your residence safer and more welcoming when you navigate your home at night, and the sensor light immediately highlights where there is activity on your property, whether they are friend or foe! And whether you are home or not, it is a good idea to have your lighting plan on variable timer mode so that the property appears inhabited even if you are away.


Property well lit at night
Considered lighting deters intruders and makes your property safer

Glass break sensors and shatterproof glass


Security glass break sensors go off if someone breaks or attempts to break a windowpane. It can also be set to alert if the widow is opened when it is not meant to be. From a security standpoint, regular windowpane glass is seen as a weak point of the home – but not anymore. Shatterproof glass is commonplace in many ground-floor windows for prestige and luxury homes. Not only will they not get in, but they will make a lot of noise if they try, as shatterproof glassing will also set off alarms when struck or tampered with.


Elegant window pane
Ground floor windows can be fitted with shatter-proof glass for added security

The smart and secure home


Dove-tailed with smart technology and human oversight, these innovations result in the gold standard in home security. Interior and exterior lighting, cameras and motion sensors and even electric blinds can now be controlled via an internal control panel or remotely from your smartphone app. Of course, if you are on the other side of the world – don’t worry. These systems will notify you, your assigned local security company, and even emergency services if necessary. 


Security Intercom
Modern integrated intercom system

Remote security assistance


These robust and extensive security systems excel when monitored by a professional, 24-hour-a-day security team. Only last month, Australian music icon Tones and I had her home broken into and trashed by squatters in none other than Byron Bay. These unwanted guests managed to stay an entire week before neighbours noticed bags of refuse left on the grounds. During this time, there was extensive property damage and significant loss of valuables and other items. In short, make sure you have professionals with eyes and ears on your property at all times, and don’t just rely on the classic neighbourhood watch.




Outside of keeping your valuables at the bank, a burglar-proof (and fireproof) vault is an essential addition to the prestige home. Valuables, antiques and irreplaceable personal items should all be kept out of sight. Modern vaults are virtually impenetrable. They can require two (or more) multifactor identification, such as a code and facial recognition. On top of that, they are deliberately built in a place as to be completely hidden and immovable. The point is that you are not getting in even if you find it. 


The 'Safe Room'


Home invasions in Australia are very rare, but they can and do happen. Whilst adhering to the advice in this article, what happens if an intruder makes it into your home whilst you are in? The answer is a hidden ‘safe room’. A safe room is a reinforced concrete room within the home that is like a vault for humans. These spaces require facial and fingerprint recognition to enter and contain independent communications and supplies, in case you have to remain in there for longer. Fireproof and airtight, safe rooms are not just a final line of defence against an intruder, but are also the safest part of the home in the event of a natural disaster. 


Peace of mind


At the end of the day – what is the value of peace of mind? With so many solutions on the market today, there is no reason for your family and home with substandard security. When it comes to securing your home, more is more! 


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