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Modern security systems for the Prestige Property: Part 1

Luxury and prestige homes enjoy some of Australia’s most outstanding locations, views, and lifestyles. Prestige properties come with an even greater need for comprehensive security, as they are targets for criminals who would part you and your possessions without hesitation! And beyond just the valuables, you want to keep your family safe and secure and maintain that feeling of sanctuary that makes a home a home. With the relentless advance of smart technology, this is easier than ever before. In this two-part guide, we look at the latest innovations – as well as those tried and tested by time – in the home security market.


The gated community


There’s a reason why gated communities are so popular. They offer an unmatched collective sense of security supported by 24-hour security patrol and active neighbourhood watch schemes. Whether you are home or not, if something is untoward, either security – or a resident – will likely notice. Gated communities create a sense of social cohesion and act as a collective deterrent to would-be burglars and opportunists. Sanctuary Cove in the Northern Gold Coast is one of Australia’s most prestigious gated communities. The Cove is far from a police state, but try to get in without a resident pass or an appointment, and you will be disappointed!


Picture of front of gated community
A normal site before entering a gated community

Perimeter fencing and gates


Like gated communities, the first line of defence when it comes to securing your prestige property is a security fence and gate. Sure, the front gate provides an excellent opportunity to impress with a grand entrance, but ultimately it makes unwanted access to your estate all the more difficult. With video intercom and around-the-clock CCTV as standard, you can easily monitor and determine what deliveries and visitors can enter – and who may not.


New Security fence and gate

Internal and external security cameras


From doorbells that record vision and audio as soon as they are rung, to smartphone access and 360-degree user operational cameras, the choices for surveillance are endless! Whilst there are entry-level options – such as Google Nest that would suit apartments or the regular home, for more significant properties and estates, a comprehensive and professionally installed system is recommended to secure multiple entry points and grounds. Premium home security systems allow you – or a security firm (if you are away or busy!) to utilise sound, zoom, night vision, heat sensors, motion activation, and lighting to make breaking and entering mission impossible! Of course, forget those grainy black-and-white visions of the past. These days it’s full-colour 4k all the way.


Motion-sensor lighting and alarms


Modern security systems for the prestige property: Part 2Darkness provides cover. Most home invasions and burglaries occur in low light conditions, late at night or early in the morning. A strategically well-lit home (both internally and externally) is a massive deterrent for would-be trespassers, who will likely look elsewhere for easier pickings. 

If your property is fenced, ensure that this fencing is lit up with robust exterior lighting. The best practice is to light the whole fence, (not just the top) to ensure there is no refuge. Within your grounds and gardens, make extensive use of motion-detecting lights on all pathways and entryways. This makes your residence safer and more welcoming when you navigate your home at night, and the sensor light immediately highlights where there is activity on your property, whether they are friend or foe!

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