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Minimalism vs. Maximalism – The Prestige balance

Like fashion and culture, interior design evolves over time. And just like fashion, some styles return, and some are (thankfully) confined to history. Recent global travel restrictions and shutdowns accelerated the evolution of interior design as our homes also became our workplace, school, recreation area and abode.

With this backdrop of shifting trends in mind, let’s take a look at some of the latest patterns to emerge in the multifunctional sanctuaries we call home.

Less is more - Minimalistic Re-design or "Lagom"

Picture of Music room and office
The private music room / office is back in vogue


For most of us, our ‘to do’ list includes a “clean-out” list, and in recent years, being at home forced many of us into finally tackling those cluttered and underused spaces. But we are not talking about a simple “spring clean” here – we’ve all experienced a fundamental change in how we look at items and areas serving us – and what should be completely reimagined.


The Nordic art of "Lagom"

It is often accepted that a minimalistic approach is a means of doing more with much, much less. However, we are more concerned with the appearance of less that itself creates a minimalistic flow to your home. This is achieved by considered and practical interior design. Dishwashers, microwaves, food processors, multiple ovens, and refuse disposal can all be hidden artfully with modern cabinetry that blends seamlessly with your property’s surroundings so that you wouldn’t realise that it is fully equipped and modern kitchen space. To read more about prestige kitchens, click here. This of course, doesn’t simply apply to the kitchen but to the whole home. They even have a word for it in Norway and Sweden: Lagom (meaning ‘just right’). Lagom is the art of balancing what you need with that which gives you joy – a middle space between minimalism and maximalism (aka those who have and accumulate everything!) Like many prestige homes, Lagom combines quality and practicality with considered design to create a pleasant, stress-free home environment. 

Prestige Property Mercer and Cooper Gold Coast Interior Design
The apperance of less without sacrificing comfort

More is More : The Maximalist

They say everything has an opposite, and for those who have had their fill of pared-back, monochrome palettes and empty space, the maximalist is here! For the maximalist, more is more. A rejoiceful term for the lovers of things and collectors among us, the maximalism of 2022 and beyond is all about embracing the aesthetic of excess – artfully curating your fine furnishings and belongings so that they flow and add character to a home. Think about a well-catalogued and organised library, tastefully hung art collections, hyper-organised but expansive wardrobes, pantries, and wine collections.

A maximalist home interior
Clashing colours, statement furnishings and mismatched patterns feature in this look

A move to seclusion

Remember where every home, every renovation and workplace boasted of “open plan” and combined work and living spaces? The idea was to create airy and cleverly integrated spaces in our homes to reveal a greater sense of freedom. Whilst this will always be popular, there was nothing quite like the pressure of being obliged to work from home or home school that brought back the need for the private office and/or designated work areas and places of seclusion. Instead of removing walls, we have seen larger spaces segmented so we can have the zoom call or history lesson in peace!

Whether you lean towards more is more or keeping it lean, the way you design your home (and what you fill it with) should come down to mindfully creating and curating a space that is meaningful to you – after all, it’s where we spend most of our time these days!


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