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Making a splash: your guide to the prestigious pool Part 1

There is no doubt that Australia enjoys some of the best weather in the world. Within Australia, you can’t beat the confidence of Queensland for its weather-affirming state motto, ‘the sunshine state’.

With blessed weather comes the problem of how to cool off, especially in those summer months. This would go a long way in explaining Australians’ love of the coast, waterfront properties and, of course, the great Australian swimming pool.

In the exclusive Northern Gold Coast, there can be found some of the most prestigious homes in Australia, with pools to match. Now more than ever, the swimming pool is both a necessity and an absolute centre stage water feature that can cap off a prestige home.


Infinity pool

Photo of man in infinity
An infinity pool overlooking natural water just can 't be beat

The only thing better than an infinity pool, also known as a ‘zero edge pool’, is actually looking over a natural body of water. Even then, infinity pools have a level of luxury and convenience built-in that even Mother Nature can’t duplicate. Infinity pools are positioned and designed so that one wall allows for the water to ‘flow over the edge’, giving the impression and look that the water ‘keeps on going’ to the horizon. Of course, if you have both a waterfront property with unobscured views and an infinity pool overlooking it, the effect is doubled.


Baja shelf

Hot tub and baja shelf
Image showing whirl pool as well as shallow Baja shelf (right)


Looking for a pool that says ‘resort-style living’ every time you step outside? The Baja shelf might just be for you and your prestige home. Put simply, this kind of pool has an additional built-in ‘shelf’, much like a very large top step into the pool, where the water is shallow, but it’s wide enough for you to sit, lie down and relax in.

Walk a few more steps and you’ll find yourself in the full-depth pool where you can submerge yourself. The Baja shelf is ideal for someone looking to add in some water-friendly lounge chairs so you can position yourself for prime sunning with the ease of cooling off with just a stretch of the foot.


Lap pool

indoor pool
An indoor lap training pool


Now, I know what you’re thinking – is doing laps really luxurious? Well, for some the answer is a definite yes! If you’re dedicated to a fitness routine, or you’re picking a home that has that gym-spa feel, a lap pool could be that perfect, streamlined addition with absolute convenience.

Leaner and longer than other pools, a lap pool can of course be set to your desired training temperature and even boosted with a wave-maker built-in, to add some extra dimension to your laps.

If you can’t decide, there are even prestige homes that feature both a relaxing pool and a lap pool (and don’t forget the spa!).

In Part 2, we’ll dive (no pun intended) into Part 2 of our series on your guide to the prestigious pool. 



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