Looking to live the ‘Jetty-Set’ life? Here’s what you need to know

It’s no secret that a home with a jetty adds that extra level of ‘X’ factor that can contribute to a property being deemed ‘prestige’. Being waterfront is one thing, but having the option to “set sail” when you desire can add serious value to a home whilst transforming your lifestyle.

For boat lovers, finding a prestige home with a private jetty can be an essential decision-maker when they are buying. For others, it might be an added bonus that offers them the chance to dip their toe into boat ownership. If so, a convenient way to moor, super-fast access and the knowledge that you’ve always got your vessel waiting just outside is a great place to start.

Just like a stunning waterfront view, a private jetty or pontoon is an asset that will get noticed, but if you’re curious about what it means to take a waterfront lifestyle to the next level, read on.

The jetty-loving suburbs


At Mercer & Cooper, our hyperlocal focus area on the Northern Gold Coast is more than familiar with private jetties. Paradise Point, Sovereign Islands and Hope Island all boast prestige homes with spectacular waterfront views, and many with a private jetty.


A well presented pontoon in Sovereign Island

Jetty vs. pontoon


You might be curious about what constitutes a jetty vs a floating pontoon, and there is a big difference. Your classic jetty will be a secured, fixed-position structure leading you out to your boat from your home. A pontoon will float on the water itself, rising and falling with the tide.

Jetties are often preferred for larger boats, but they require more space to place in your home. On the other hand, a pontoon could suffice for your weekend jet ski session. For deeper waterways and the ability to easily get your friends, family, gear (and even pets) on and off easily, that stable jetty is a must.



Sovereign Island pontoons and jetties



Depending on the evolution of the property, the jetty may come after the initial design as an add-on, or, for some prestige homes, the waterfront theme and jetty access is woven into the design DNA of the architecture itself.

Think light, bright colours, lots of glass, nods to the aquatic and a structure that welcomes you out to the waterfront.


Do your research - the right property for the right vessel


If you’re sizing up a property, remember that larger boats require a well-sized jetty. And, if you’re ready to invest in a substantial boat, consider how you will moor it at your current or future home. You will also need to map out where those deeper water channels run near your target suburb.

Looking to put your personal design stamp on a future home? Keep an eye out for properties with spacious areas sitting next to the private jetty, the perfect entertainment place. Waterfront dinners, or even for a boathouse-turned-guest-house to give your visitors the ultimate view to soak up each day.

While a jetty alone doesn’t make a prestige property, it’s certainly a marker of a home that’s ticking the boxes of exclusivity, privacy and lifestyle – all with this one waterfront asset.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige property. If you’re looking to sell or discover prestige waterfront homes, we welcome you to connect with us today.

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