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Is now the right time to have your property appraised?

With the prestige property market moving from strength to strength, and Australia normalising post-pandemic, you might be considering the value of your property in the current market. A property appraisal isn’t just for motivated sellers, it might be about simple curiosity to get some figures based on comparative data, or if there’s been changes across your property and your life that are giving you pause to consider your options.

Mercer & Cooper are welcoming clients across the Northern Gold Coast to have their property appraised as a complimentary service, so let’s take a look at some of the common reasons you might consider a property appraisal in the coming months.

Tree, Sea or City Change

Now that we all have the opportunity to travel more freely, both domestically and internationally, you may be looking to set your sights on a home elsewhere in the world.

For those living in the Northern Gold Coast, your postcode is consistently desirable in the market, but that doesn’t mean you want to stay in the same location forever. You might be making a move back to the office and need to be closer to your place of work after a few years of Zoom calls, or you simply want to find greener pastures (literally) and are trading in some convenience for wide open spaces.

Before you pack your bags, a property appraisal will give you some insight into what you could make on your property, and what that would get you in a future location.

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Homes with indoor outdoor living spaces are in demand

An upgrade in value

If you’ve put some time and money into your home recently, even if it’s not a full-scale renovation, this will likely influence what value your home reveals at appraisal. For many buyers, a newly refreshed bathroom, an extension or some nifty upgrades within your kitchen could be the difference between “I’ll think about it” and “Let’s make an offer!”

Get in touch with local agents who know the area, like Matt Mercer & Bernice Cooper, who, alongside their team, will take into consideration not only comparative data but the recent changes to your home to give you a solid guide price to work with. It’s a great way to really see the value of your vision for your home.

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Money Talks

It’s not only in downsizing situations that we consider what our property is worth, it might be that you’ve had a winner of a financial year and you want to invest your funds across a portfolio of investments, or you want to reward yourself by upgrading your main residency. The market for prestige properties continues to grow in demand and hold strong in buyers, so you’re bolstered more than the wider real estate market against fluctuations and changes, which puts you in an empowered position of having options.


Getting informed of what your property could be worth in black and white gives you the chance to make the smart move for your property, whether it’s for investment purposes or to live in and enjoy.

To discover what your property could be worth, get in touch today with the Mercer & Cooper team, your experts on all things prestige.


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