Forget Equinox, the true ‘Prestige Gym’ is at home

Working out at home in a prestige property is so much more than a yoga mat and some second-hand dumbbells – the at-home gym has been taken to luxurious new heights with creative uses of space, high-tech equipment and the very best new fitness trends.

Let’s take a look at some of the most premium at-home gym features around – this selection is sure to get your heart rate going.

Get your Zen on

Yoga and Pilates Room


Not all workouts need to be high intensity, and increasingly, people are turning to Pilates and yoga to strengthen and tone their bodies – and if you’re looking to deck out your prestige property with the appropriate setting for some low-intensity movement, you’ll find inspiration galore.

The prestige combination of a Pilates, meditation and yoga space offers an opportunity for a chilled-out hardwood floor gym, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows (to take in that incredible view of the waterfront or natural forest of course), plenty of built-in soundproofing and temperature control (for those times when you want to turn up the heat with hot yoga).

A chic, minimalist space is ideal to invite friends and family over for a chillout session (or to host your favourite yoga instructor), and some prestige homeowners even integrate this space with their pools, spas and saunas so you can easily transition from breaking a sweat to cool down. The ultra-committed Pilates lovers will also deck their space out with the coveted Reformer machines, resistance bands connected to the ceiling and even a sunken trampoline flooring area for rebounding work.


Home Gym

Raising the bar


Of course, many prestige homeowners want to add some real muscle to their training sessions, and the luxurious home gyms for weight trainers don’t skimp on the chrome. With multiple screens spanning the walls, these fitness dens allow users to really get in the zone with the ability to change the sound and mood lighting with the touch of a button, and often make use of extensive basement or lower level spaces to design immersive home gyms that are designed to maximise your routine.

Expansive mirrored walls, the full range of free weights, legs and upper body machinery are all on offer, and if you’re looking for the perfect place to prep your pre-workout shake, the built-in kitchen and dining area has got you covered.


Cardio couture

For those heart-minded folks, the prestige cardio workout spans from a curated outdoor running track (ideal for those multi-acre properties) to an indoor cardio zone that offers stairclimbers, treadmills, uptight and recline bikes, rowers and even ellipticals. High-quality air conditioning is a must in this prestige home gym, and users can cool down with a trip to their at-home cryo chamber to soothe aching muscles, or warm up in an infrared sauna to boost circulation and healing.

However you like to work out, Mercer & Cooper are your prestige property experts on the Northern Gold Coast, and we’re here to secure or sell your dream home (and home gym!). Connect with us today and receive a complimentary home appraisal to discover what your home is worth in today’s market, and where your prestige property journey could take you.



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