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With endless days of glorious sunshine, it’s easy to forget that we experience winter on the Gold Coast. Whilst we won’t be reaching for the ice scrapers anytime soon, it can still get cool enough to warrant having an indoor fireplace. 

Now more than ever, there is a wide range of ‘fireplaces’ that one can choose from. Everything from old school built-in open fireplaces to ‘imitation’ gas-powered varieties and wood-burning stoves. We look at  3 different types of fireplaces and how they can become the statement piece to cap off a wonderful home.


The open fireplace


Undoubtedly the most authentic. There is nothing quite like the feel of a roaring, open fireplace. The smell of burning wood, the crackle of the fire and the ability to roast marshmallows! Of course, it’s also the least convenient of all the options. Once lit, wood-burning open fireplaces require a steady supply of wood to keep them going! Unlike wood-burning stoves and gas, they are the least economical and most dirty. Open fireplaces lose a lot of heat for the wood they consume. Naturally, the more wood, the more ash, so expect it to need cleaning more than most. All of this means that an open fireplace requires more attention. You will need to tend to it to keep it going and shouldn’t leave it unattended.

But so what! The open fireplace is a romantic and heartwarming feature that everyone can gather around and enjoy. Even better, if your home comes with an original fireplace, it could be an antique itself.


The open fireplace is the most traditional

Wood burning stove & heater


Today’s wood-burning stoves and heaters are an excellent heat source and are fantastic to look at. Due to their enclosed design, wood heaters are safer and more easily installed around the home.

Modern wood-burning stoves come in various styles, sizes and finishes. Find the right one, and it can be the perfect accent for your home style and décor. You can buy them new, but if you want something unique, consider finding an antique cast iron stove: they still work as well as the day they were forged.

Wood burning heaters will need a flume installed to extract smoke. They also require cleaning, just like a traditional fireplace. Still, they require much less wood and, once they are going, can be safely left unattended for hours.


White Iron Stove Fireplace
Iron Cast Wood burners are elegant and contained

The gas fire


Last but not least is the gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces fill the gap between a ‘real fire’ and an uncelebrated conventional heating system. Gas fireplaces are super convenient, safe and cheap to run. With various flame sizes and outputs, gas fireplaces allow you great control over the temperature output. There is no need to shovel wood, clean up ash, or worry about the fire dying down. Once mocked for being tacky, you can choose between a traditional-looking model or a contemporary look that adds style and grace to your home.


The gas fireplace allows endless design options

Which one is right for you?

Nothing beats that feeling of sitting near the fireplace in the cosier months. From warming your home to creating a shared space – a fire creates a warm ambience and timeless beauty that will give any room an understated elegance.


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