designer home office

The Prestige Home Office

While it took a global pandemic to get there, working from home has never been more popular, with employers today needing to find the right ‘flexible work’ balance for their staff - although it’s not quite as relaxing as taking…

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Stairway to Prestige

While you might consider it more of a design afterthought, the ultimate in prestige staircases make the journey to the spaces of your home just as important as the destination. It might not be a stairway to heaven, but let’s…

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Hope Island Aerial Photo courtesy of Links Hope Island Resort

Local Spotlight: Hope Island

With a name like Hope Island, you’d be right in thinking this coveted Northern Gold Coast location has a lot to live up to, and luckily, it does! A place synonymous with prestige, a ‘golf buggy lifestyle’, incredible waterfront views…

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Coles at Hope Island Shopping Centre

The buzz of the ‘Prestige Precinct’

Lifestyle precincts are more popular than ever. Reminiscent of the traditional town square or plaza, multipurpose lifestyle precincts either emerge naturally or are purpose-built. Increasingly, purpose-built precincts incorporate fashionable bars, restaurants, professional offices, shared spaces, and other amenities.

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