Beyond the penthouse – what makes a prestige apartment?

It’s no secret that prices on prestige properties across Australia increased last year, and with increased demand in the market, prestige apartments are becoming even more sought-after.

So, what defines a prestige apartment, and what kind of features can you expect in a space that may not have the footprint of a freestanding home, but all of the convenience and amenities that come with apartment living?


Space still counts


While it’s not going to span quite as much land as a prestige house, a prestige apartment will often still be generously-sized, with a larger floor plan and of course, you’re likely to find some seriously spectacular panoramic views for taking in sunrise, sunset and every hour in between.

Even if it’s not the topmost floor, prestige apartment hunters will likely go for some height, giving you an “up in the clouds” feeling and sense that you’re away from it all, giving you a break from street level hustle and bustle, plus sweeping views out and around your suburb.

Of course, these views are even sweeter if you find yourself a prestige property that will never be bought out, such as true waterfront locations where the sea and the sky stretch out beyond you.


At home in your apartment


For luxury and prestige developers, the challenge with this kind of apartment is bringing together all the comforts and features of a freestanding home into an apartment structure – prestige buyers aren’t looking to sacrifice any of their favourite lifestyle-enhancing additions.

This might mean more than a splash of greenery, such as a private balcony garden or terrace (extra important for those furry friends who enjoy the space with us). Other features you might keep an eye out for could be a climate-controlled wine cellar, a good guest-bedroom and en-suite bathroom count, or even a private lift straight to your floor (or an internal lift if the apartment spans more than one floor).


Pool deck and loungers
Enjoy luxury shared spaces

The all-access extras


For many, it simply comes down to the ease, security, and convenience of apartment living. The ability to pop down to the main street for dinner or last-minute grocery shopping.

In addition, prestige apartment complexes should come with a host of features for residents, like swimming pools, spas, saunas, extensive gym facilities, communal but peaceful outdoor entertaining areas and the ease of knowing there is 24-hour security, on hand concierge support and someone to take in a package and check in with at any time. You might even find prestige apartments with valet parking and a personalised, bespoke level of service that facilitates easy living and a touch of hotel vibes every day of the year.

Think dog walking services, bookings for your favourite airline, chartered yacht bookings, dry-cleaning or even grocery delivery – the future of prestige apartment living is all about indulgent convenience.

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige property – homes and apartments with that extra-special-something that takes them into a league all of their own. Looking for your next prestige home in the sky? Visit us at our Paradise Point offices today, we look forward to meeting you.

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