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A spotlight on prestige lighting

While it might not be the first thing you notice about a prestige property, the right lighting helps illuminate (if you will) the key features of a home. It sets the tone for what to expect when you go from room to room.

The centrepiece

Dining table and orange lights

A lighting fixture in a prestige home goes beyond a simple pendant – consider a truly breathtaking chandelier that cascades down from the ceiling. A perfect accompaniment to a winding staircase, a chandelier can also hang right above your main dining table or entertainment area, even better if it’s dimmable for just the right glow.

While you might think of a chandelier as a more traditional or “fussy” lighting feature, remember that the chandeliers of 2022 and beyond can incorporate repurposed vintage glass, mismatched bulbs for a more “lived in” feel and unique shapes and asymmetry – for art lovers, there are so many fantastic chandeliers which double as another piece to admire in your home setting.

Think about unwinding in a bubble bath at the end of the day to watch the sunset – great when there is no room for an outdoor sauna (just don’t forget the mirrored windows if you’re in a well-populated area!).

In the mood

Adding to both your ambient and general lighting, mood lighting blends home styling and atmosphere together, helping to avoid any extreme shadows or contrast that can be created through natural light or general lighting in a room. As the name suggests, mood lighting should align with the overarching look and feel you want for your prestige property, and sits closest to eye level of all the lighting types.

Avoid lamps or wall fixtures that throw a direct beam and go for a diffused glow for your mood lighting; easy on the eye and ideal for switching on when night falls. Mood lighting isn’t just restricted to your classic white or warm yellow glow – find options that you can tint based on your mood and the setting, and create a mood that’s truly unique to you.


Downlights and mood lighting

Find your accent


In a prestige home, you’re likely to find some pretty incredible artwork – from sculptures to collections of paintings – that will demand to be shown off. Accent lighting is there for a specific function, to highlight a feature in a room such as artwork, a cabinet of precious items or even an architectural signature of the home. With accent lighting, you’ve got the flexibility to add a little more illumination, such as a spotlight to properly showcase a painting, but as this is your home and not a gallery, go for a glow rather than a glare!

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige – from a spectacular chandelier to a personal dock, we live, work and play here on the Northern Gold Coast. If you’re interested in learning what your home could be worth in the current market, we welcome you to connect with our team today for a complimentary home appraisal.


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