A Prestige home – for your cars

Prestige homeowners often appreciate the finer things in life, and this extends to your vehicles (or fleet of!).

While a prestige home will often accommodate secure housing for your cars, let’s take a look at those options for levelling-up your garage game, and the possibilities that take you from roller door to high-roller.


Extra large carports

A mutli car garage can become your personal show room

It’s not uncommon to find a multi-car garage in a Northern Gold Coast prestige property. Still, perhaps you need even more space to grow your vehicle gallery.

Fit for a Batmobile and more, some prestige properties boast room for 20 plus vehicles, with showroom features designed to spotlight your most prestigious and prized cars.

Not only does a super-roomy garage give you space to easily park, maintain and manoeuvre your vehicles, but with this kind of prestige garage, you can do everything from colour-code your cars to adding a ‘viewing area’ with seating, so that friends, family and other admirers can enjoy the space.

Lights, camera, action

If you want to show off your wheels, gallery-style lighting is critical. The sky’s the limit with motion-sensor options that illuminate when you’re in the garage, all the way to spotlights that make the most of the gleaming cars.

And it’s not just walls and roofs – under-car lighting, illuminated footpaths from vehicle to door, and colour themes that change at the touch of a button, if you want the 6-star experience from car to home office, you’ll find a prestige home with the potential to have it all.


Show your car in its best light


So, let’s say you want to have your car ready at the touch of a button, street-side? No problem.

A custom car lift can do it all for those with a vehicle gallery, or perhaps you just want the added security and convenience. A basic lift can take your car from the driveway to a below-ground garage in moments, smoothly transporting it, rotating it and getting it ready for your next ride.

Need some added security? A vault lift will move your vehicle down to your high-security, monitored garage, engineered to ensure your prized possession is always safe and sound.
Of course, a 360-turntable adds an extra Bond-esque element, allowing your car to be rotated into the exact position you need before its elevated up to your exit point, or positioned perfectly to allow for other vehicles to fit in.


A home with a strategic overhang when to housed

Stay awhile


Car lovers often love to enjoy their vehicles even when they aren’t on the road, so consider a prestige garage with all the comforts of the home upstairs – a bathroom, a kitchen or coffee, tea and fridge facilities. A place to display collectables, watch your favourite shows, or unwind amongst your collection.

An ideal place to welcome guests when they arrive, you can also add in luggage storage and lifts to bring items up to the main house, and of course, a lift for your guests themselves to hop in – no lugging suitcases upstairs!

At Mercer & Cooper, we love all things prestige, and in this world, a garage doesn’t need to be an afterthought. It might just be a centrepiece for your home.


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