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3 tips for the prestige property search

Australia is blessed with fantastic weather and an abundance of magnificent prestigious properties. Whether it’s waterfront dreams or mountain lookouts, heritage-listed odes to history or ultra-modern marvels, the options can seem endless! So where to begin with your prestige property search? Read on for our top 3 tips.  

Know what you are looking for before you start your search

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It may seem obvious, but you must start by defining what you are looking for, beginning with the must-haves. Are you looking for a home that can fit a large and expanding family and/or accommodate guests? Is a waterfront position with jetty access essential to your lifestyle? Perhaps this is a secondary home/getaway oasis, as such, you may desire something that requires minimal maintenance or would enjoy the security of a gated community. With supply chains still uncertain, do consider what amenities and technology you will want, as there are big waiting times for some prestige items. 

What is your preferred location? You may have settled on the Gold Coast, but where precisely? Perhaps you need easy access to the airport if you travel frequently. Alternatively, if you have children, you may want to consider where the local schools are and if they are suitable. The list goes on and on, but it is better to get this clear from the start, so your shortlist is, well, short! 


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Know your budget


It goes without saying that you need to have a clear picture of your budget. Once you know what you are looking for, i.e. must-haves, locations and amenities, then sticking to this budget will not only save you time (and money), but will also ensure you avoid seeing many properties that are out of or under your budget. Finally, ensure you have your finances in place before making enquiries. 


Know where to look (online, online and the prestige property agents)

You often hear people saying that ‘everything is online these days. And whilst the best place to start is usually with the major platforms such as and, this is only one part of your search. 

Using these platforms can give you excellent insight into the local prices and trends in the area you are interested in, as well as other key information such as average property prices and so on. However, remember that prestige and luxury real estate are not always marketed in the same way as regular residential real estate. Often, sellers of prestige properties do not want to ‘publicly’ advertise that they are selling their home. Also, many properties are often sold before they even hit the market. This is why agents specialising in prestige property are so important in your search. They will have access to homes for sale that are not on the market, and may be sold before they ever do. Using their network of sellers, they can show your properties you would not have seen through the major sites. 

You can start by looking at their company websites that might publish their listings. If this is not clear on the site, your best step is to call them. Tell them your (specific!) requirements and they will be able to show you properties you otherwise would never have seen. 

Never has there been more demand for prestige property in Australia than in 2022. With so much to choose from and so many looking to buy, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when beginning your search. Follow these tips to ensure that you find the perfect dream home for you! 


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